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Portable Diesel Generators

Long Lasting, Higher Quality, Portable Diesel Generators

If you are in Canada or the USA than Electrical devices such as these portable diesel generators, must have UL, CSA or ETL laboratory testing. This type of testing is for safety and to insure performance requirements are met. Many diesel generator companies would have you believe they sell a quality product but, many other generator companies do not have any such quality assurance company and certification to backup any of their product; Aurora does.  Aurora Generators are ETL approved to UL and CSA Standards 22.2 No 100.  This is why so many people trust Aurora Generators to deliver on the promise of higher quality and value for their money.

Thirteen horsepower engines are only able to drive up to 6500 watt generator heads.  The next step beyond these single-cylinder air cooled portable diesel engines is the multi-cylinder liquid cooled engines. The liquid cooled engines run at half the speed and produce a lot more power.  The liquid cooled engines can also outlast the single-cylinder engines by ten to one.  Liquid cooled engines are able to run nonstop. Air cooled engines are not designed to run continuously and should not run continuously. Doing so shortens their life expectancy. Understandingy during emergencies air cooled generator are used this way.

The next size from these generators is our 10,000 Watt Whole Home Generators.

Why Buy Diesel

Diesel generators are more reliable than gas because diesel fuel is a light-grade oil. Inside engines there are many moving parts that create friction. Gasoline and propane are solvent-based fuels which promote friction and wear. Diesel being a lubricant reduces friction and wear. Today’s diesel engines last the longest, run a lot quieter and cleaner then ever before. If you watch our demo videos you will notice there is no visible smoke from our generators. The enclosed silent diesel generator is also quieter then an equivalent gasoline generator.

Why Pick Aurora Brand Generators

Aurora Generators Inc., was incorporated in 2005. Since that time Aurora has become one of the largest and MOST TRUSTED online suppliers of portable diesel generators and standby diesel generators in North America. Aurora is directly involved in manufacturing, assembly and its own quality control. Many products had been designed by Aurora with each and every component carefully chosen over many suppliers of similar parts. This practice and unique designs used results in products that are superior in quality, more durable and last longer then its competitors.

The generator industry is full of companies and individuals sellers who buy counterfeit products and cheap assemblies rather than manufacturing their own. They have no involvement in the production process other than to put their own sticker on and import it from China. We encourage you to search for consumer reports and other public records with The Better Business Bureau. Many companies have no records since they have not been around long enough or worse, have some reports filed have horrible quality, service and support.

With Aurora Diesel Generators no matter where you search you will be hard pressed to find any negative reviews. Aurora has more parts, better quality control, support staff, online manuals, toll-free support and live chat. Aurora focuses on quality not quantity. Real customers with real-life experiences around the world have posted some of the best reviews you can find and it speaks louder then anything we can say here.