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Silent Diesel Generator


Silent Diesel Generator AGI6500SDE
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Aurora Silent Diesel Generator

  • Remote Control + Manual Key Electric Starting
  • Battery Included
  • Enclosed for reduced noise levels
  • Built to UL and CSA Standard 22.2 No 100 (ETL Certified)
  • Cold start pre-heater
  • EPA Approved.
  • Digital Multimeter Display
  • Single Phase 120/240 volt, 60 Hz. Alternator
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Wheel Kit
  • Spare Filters
  • Aurora 1000 Hr / 1 Year Residential use warranty
  • PDF Manual (Download Here)
This item is no longer available. New emission regulations require small diesel engines like the ones used in portable diesel generator be equipped with more sophisticated engine controls. The controls reduce engine power and they are cost prohibitive. There is no manufacture in North America with any solution that will satisfy the EPA. The only option is to purchase the larger generators that are radiator cooled rather than air cooled. They are far more fuel efficient and use modern engine technology.
The model numbers are AGi4P, AGi7P and AGi8P

You can learn more about them HERE

Silent Diesel Generator

Since 2005 this has been our most popular generator. Introducing the Aurora 6500SDE Silenced Diesel Generator. Homeowners chose this model more than any other portable diesel generator because it has enough power to get them through emergencies. It is used to power a fridge, freezers, well pumps, furnaces, TVs and lights. Because it is quieter then traditional generators and produces virtually no visible smoke it makes it ideal for residential neighborhoods.

Many generator companies would have you believe they sell a quality product. Without some quality assurance company and certification backing them up, the claims are meaningless. Electrical devices must have UL, CSA or ETL laboratory testing for safety and to insure performance requirements are met. Without approvals buyers have no guarantee of quality. Certification is also required by law in most jurisdictions.

Aurora Generators are proud to be the only company selling a generator of this kind that is ETL approved to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100. We don’t just talk about quality, we have quality assurance companies backing up our claims.

Aurora generators are created differently then others with a focus on "quality" not quantity sales. Aurora is actively involved in manufacturing, assembly and quality control. Products are built from the ground up with higher grade components and materials carefully selected to guarantee The Aurora Silent Diesel Generator is stronger and longer lasting. Aurora is responsible for their own engines and alternators unlike others who buy completed ones from the lowest wholesalers. Consumer reports rank Aurora one of the leading companies in the industry with superior products, customer service and best value.

Main Features

  • Starts with traditional key switch or wireless remote control (two included)
  • Engine cold start preheater
  • Quieter - catalytic converter, double mufflers and exhaust system surrounded by acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • 4 outlets rated at 20 amps each 120 volts
  • 1 outlet rated at 240 volts 30 amps
  • Digital panel multi-meter. Hour, Frequency & Voltage.
  • 1000 Hour / 1 Year residential use warranty.
  • Heavy duty enclosure with key hook.
  • EPA Tier 4 Approval
  • FCC Approved Remote Control
  • Generator Certified to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100

Generator Panel

Silent Diesel Generator Panel

When starting this generator you have two options. You can use a key switch like you do when starting a car or you can use the included remote control.

For cold weather starting, this generator has a built in pre heater. This means you can warm it up before starting. Warming the air fuel mixture helps it to vaporize in the combustion chamber and helps eliminate any starting difficulties traditionally found on other generators that don't use one.

A digital multi-meter is used on this silent diesel generator. The meter shows voltage, hour usage and frequency. This new frequency counter shows the operating frequency to 0.1 Hz This is a very useful feature. Many computers and UPS power supplies require exactly 60Hz output and since engine speed is directly proportional to output frequency, you can now make these adjustments and monitor them on this display.

Voltage adjustments are also easy to make. Many other companies install theirs inside the alternator where they often overheat and fail. Installing it outside of the alternator eliminates complicated dis-assembly and makes making fine voltage regulator adjustments easy.

Aurora generators like this one are approved to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100 This means they are built better and electrically sound. It is a standard few others can compare to. The CSA Standards are far better than European CE or even UL Standards. It is also a guarantee that no aluminum wiring is used.

Cold Start Pre-Heater Pre-heater can be turned on to pre-heat air fuel mixture for easier cold starting. Warming the air fuel mixture helps it to vaporize in the combustion chamber and helps eliminate any starting difficulties traditionally found on other generators that don't use one.

Remote Starter

Silent Diesel Generator Remote

The built-in remote control gives you wireless control over the generator starting function. Two transmitters are included. Many other generators made in China use remote controls on frequencies that here in North America may be used for other devices resulting in poor performance and interference. The ones used by us not only carry electrical approval, they also have FCC approval unlike other manufactures


These types of generators are often referred to as silent. That is because they are much quieter then their open frame versions or a gas equivalent. Aurora Generators are even quieter in competition for a few reasons. Aurora uses higher quality insulation, heavier enclosures and a better muffler system. Two mufflers and a combination flex pipe / catalytic converter are used here. The exhaust is clear and cool. Emissions are cleaner than from a gasoline generator and are safer for the environment. Stinky black smoke something you should only see on other generators.

Silent Diesel Generator Muffler

Spare Filters We include a free set of spare air and oil filters. The oil filter is washable and can be reused a few times. Oil changes are normally done after the first 25 hours then every 100 hours for longer life.

Silent Diesel Generator Oil Filter

Panel Outlets 4 x 120 volt rated @ 20 amps
1 x 240 volt rated @ 30 amps
1 x 12 volt rated @ 8.3 amps
Generator Type Automatic Voltage Regulator - Class F Alternator - Certified to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100
Power Factor 1.0
Peak Generator Power Output 6500 Watts
Continuous Generator Power Output 5000 Watts
Alternator Peak Rated Current 41.7 amps @ 120 volts
Color Black
Engine Type Single cylinder forced air cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection.
Fuel Tank Size 3.9 gallons
Continuous Run Time 12 Hours under 75% load
Fuel Type Normal Automotive Grade Diesel Fuel only
Oil Type 15w40 Diesel Motor Oil ONLY
Starting System Key Switch + Wireless Key Chain Remote starting.
Noise Level < 69 db
Oil Pressure Sensor Yes, disables engine if low pressure exists
Panel Display Digital multimeter. Voltage, Frequency & Hour Counter
Battery Included - 12 Volt maintenance free.
Product Dimensions 36.2" x 20.9" x 29.1" 980 mm x 580 mm x 770 mm
Weight 363 Lbs
Altitude Not intended for use above 3000 feet
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Silent Diesel Generator
Silent Diesel Generator
Aurora Silent Diesel Generator
Generator Muffler System
Free Spare Oil Filter Included
Generator Remote Control internal receiver and key chain remote