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Perkins Engine Factory

 If you use #2 heating oil in your generator, you are at risk of causing serious damage. Using #2 home heating oil will void any manufactures warranty. Some of the first problems users encounter is damaged fuel pumps, fuel injectors and engine glazing.

The heating oil companies want you to buy their fuel and do not care about your engine. They will say it is the same #2 diesel fuel with red dye added to it. All they want to do is sell you fuel. If heating oil was safe for compression engines, the fuel compaies would advertise this. They do not. Many articles can be found on this topic. Not one article can be found from a fuel company telling you any differently.

Kerosene is added to diesel fuel by some suppliers, though in small quantities. Kerosene has virtually no lubrication qualities.

Kerosene is routinely added to home heating oil, in large quantities. The furnace does not know, or care. The furnace oil pump does not have the same clearances (they are more crude, greater clearances, lower pressure...) and the kerosene will not hurt them. Most will and often do run on straight kerosene. If the oil tank is outside, the mix will be either 50/50 or straight kerosene. Kerosene does not have the same heat values. You will not get the same amount of power from a gallon of kerosene, as from heating oil, or diesel fuel.

Your engine needs the fuel additives that home heating oil is missing. If you are using home heating oil, it is a sure way to cut the life of your fuel injector pump, fuel injectors and the rest of your engine.

If something fails due to fuel quality, it is not a manufacturing defect and will not be covered under any warranty.

Aurora Generators Inc.

Clean, Quiet, & Compact Diesel Generators

Aurora has been manufacturing power generators for home, commercial and off-grid applications since 2005. We are one of the rare companies that still manufacture in North America. Our generators are unique. They are designed to outlast any other propane, natural gas or petrol powered generator. There is no smoke, odor or loud noise. This is because we use new clean diesel technology engines made in the USA from Perkins / Caterpillar. With our compact design and unique features, we generate more safe and reliable power over comparable generators.

We survive in our competitive world by obtaining full customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of high quality products and services.

Gas vs Diesel

The #1 Fuel for Power Generation Worldwide

Natural gas and propane generators are the most expensive to operate. They come with a very high installation cost and have over five times the maintenance requirements. The life expectancy of a gas engine is under 1,500 hours while diesel is 15,000 hours or more.

Natural gas and propane are extremely flammable. Both must be delivered using underground pipes.  Diesel is safer to store and is only combustible under high pressure and temperature.  Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes can disrupt the delivery of natural gas or propane. Diesel is readily available during times of emergency. Biodiesels are also an alternative fuel. 

Natural gas and propane are an excellent fuel source for cooking and heating your home, but the worst for power generation.  In a gas engine, the majority of the fuel energy is given off as heat.  Less than 30% of the energy ends up producing power to turn a generator.  Diesel engines have an efficiency of up to 50%.  Also, diesel fuel contains a lot more energy making it the number one choice for power generation worldwide.


Generator Fuel Cost


Suppliers charge for transporting natural gas across the country to storage facilities and again to your home through underground pipes. The charges for delivery often exceed the actual cost of the fuel alone.


The Cost of Natural Gas Generators

New Advanced Diesel Engines. 

Engine efficiency is directly related to its compression ratio. Diesel engines produce the highest compression ratio since its fuel has a high flash point. This means it can only be easily ignited under high temperature and pressure.  The result is a very powerful engine design.

With the investment in new diesel technology, diesel engines today are 99% cleaner than they were ten years ago.   With the increased efficiency and removal of sulfur from it, (since 2007) diesel generators now produce near-zero emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), hydrocarbons (unburned fuel) and Particulate Matter (PM).   It would take 60 engines today to produce the same amount of pollution one engine did a few short years ago.

Quiet - To remain small and produce enough power, gas engines normally run at very high speeds. Most turn at 3600 RPM, a speed your car does not even do on the highway.  A diesel produces less noise running at a slower 1800 RPM.

Small and Compact - Diesel generators have come down significantly in size.  The new compact designs allow for easy installation in a variety of applications.


Diesel Generators

Life without power

Imagine life without electricity. How would your life change and what would your family miss? Aurora Standby Home Generators provide clean, quiet, reliable power at a moment's notice.

It 's not hard these days to imagine life without electricity. More frequently and with geographic indifference, we find ourselves faced with this often tragic circumstance. Power outages are not only inconvenient but also pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your family and loved ones.

Aurora Standby Home Generators provide clean, quiet, reliable power quickly and immediately on demand, affording comfort, security and peace of mind. Our generators are programmed to restore power quickly and automatically in the event of an outage, without requiring any “turning on,” “powering up” or other intervention. They automatically switch back to your main power source once normal service is restored. Even when you are not at home, Aurora generators stand guard protecting your family, pets, property and personal belongings.

More Power AND Lower Cost

Aurora generators are “green,” running on clean, efficient, automotive diesel fuel. As a result, they have a usable life of up to 20 times greater than that of competitor brands using gasoline, natural gas or liquid propane, and use less than half the fuel of gas alternatives. Aurora generators are built to fully power your lights, hot water, household appliances, heating/air conditioning and sensitive electronics without interruption. State of the art, whisper-quiet diesel engines make our generator technology the number one choice worldwide for independent power generation. Units are virtually maintenance free. Voltage regulation is entirely automatic. Less moving parts result in a longer unit lifespan and less user maintenance.

Controlling the Fuel = Controlling the Power

In the event of an emergency, it is not unusual for power companies to cut the flow of natural gas to your home as they work to restore compromised systems. Additionally, logistics may make it impossible for your propane company to get to you in time -- before you run out of gas. Long lines and overwhelming demand make obtaining gasoline difficult, if not impossible.

Diesel fuel is the only fuel that is completely safe, stable and storable. You can keep enough supply on hand to run your Aurora unit for up to a month without having to obtain additional fuel. Diesel fuel can be stored on your property without a safety concern for up to 2 years. Conversely, gasoline goes bad after 30 days, and natural gas and liquid propane are highly flammable posing a serious danger to you and your family. Aurora is not just the BEST option, but also the ONLY option, for being fully prepared and protected in the event of a power failure.

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Are you interested in becoming an Aurora Generator Dealer and offering your customers the highest Quality Diesel Power Generator on the market?  Our generators have no limitation of application, whether it be a residential home standby or commercial.

Becoming one of our Aurora Generator Dealers requires no financial obligation. We offer a higher profit margin over other generator brands.  Aurora can drop-ship direct to your customer since we are the manufacturer. We provide free training, technical support and marketing material as we have for more than 10 years.

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