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How it's made - Whole Home Generators

How do you know when your shopping for a home generator what you are really getting?

On the outside they can all look the same. Aurora Generators takes you on a walk through the manufacturing process so you can see just what is involved and how it's made. There is no mass production. Real people power goes into making each generator. Everyone involved in the manufacturing of Aurora Generators are dedicated and professional. We all take pride in our work and the quality of our products.

Laser cutting machines are used to cut materials that are used in the manufacturing process. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut. The laser leaves an edge with a high-quality surface finish. The advantages of using laser over mechanical cutting is higher precision, cleaner edges and the ability to design custom shapes and cutouts that would not normally be possible with traditional cutting methods.


How it's made

How It's Made - Alternators - Generator Heads

Portable Diesel Generators

Here is a look at how the alternators are made for our portable diesel generators.  We are one of the only companies that meets UL and CSA standards and has the electrical certification to prove it.  Most generators sold by other companies in North America follow no electrical standard and do not meet electrical safety codes. Ones that do not have approval from a nationally recognized testing laboratory should be avoided. 

Many companies that sell those types of generators without electrical approval have purchased their alternator from suppliers who use the absolute minimum quality the can get away with.  This is done to lower costs and increase sales. 

Aurora Generators is involved in the design, manufacturing and the assembly process. We have our own quality control and oversee production. We built to much higher standards then others. This is how you can tell.

Our portable generator products bearing the ETL Listed Mark meet the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards. The ETL Listed Mark is the legal equivalent of the UL Listed and CSA Listed Marks throughout the United States and Canada. For over 100 years, dating back to Thomas Edison’s Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), “ETL” has been a leader in electrical safety compliance.  They certify our portable diesel generators.  Our portable diesel generators have been approved to CSA Standard 22.2 No. 100 These higher standards insure you are purchasing a safe and superior product over others.

Here are some images from our Alternator manufacturing and testing. 



How it's made

How Aurora Portable Generators Are Made

Why are Aurora Portable Generators different from the rest?

Silent Diesel GeneratorMost companies buy generators that are built buy others. The suppliers just put different stickers on them.  It is why so many look the same. There is so much competition that those companies cut quality in order to reduce costs and be competitive.  You can see this supply chain on Alibaba.com  Search for "portable generators" and you will find over 1800 listings! There are many other examples of this.

99.9% of the brands out there do not pass any electrical or safety standard either. Those generators have never received any UL, CSA or ETL type laboratory testing and carry no electrical certification. There are even companies that will go as far as forging logos to fool consumers.

Aurora portable generators are assembled from the ground up.  The photos shown are from our factory.  We can show you what is under the hood, how our generators are made and our parts supply.  We control what is used, where it comes from and how it is  assembled. We have our own quality control and our generators are built to CSA standard 22.2 No 100 making them one of the best generators on the market.



How it's made