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What types of generators are there?


What types of generators are there?

There are 3 primary types of generators: Air Cooled Portables - These are usually a gasoline air cooled engine operating upwards of 3600 rpm. Used for small portable power needs, whether it be light commercial or for small home periodic portable standby. These generators are manually operated, recommended for short monitored run times only and cannot be used for automatic home standby.

Standby Generators - These are fixed installations including electrical connections and fuel supply (LPG and LNG). Engine plants can be either Liquid Propane (LPG), Natural Gas (LNG) or Diesel. For home or small business standby, all other generators except diesel are air cooled operating upwards of 3600 rpm. Aurora Generators are diesel liquid cooled engine plants operating at 1800 rpm. When paired with an automatic transfer switch, standby generator systems can detect any interruption in power from the utility company and automatically provides alternative power from the standby generator system. When utility power returns, your standby generator system will revert power back to the utility and the generator will shut down automatically.

Commercial Generators - These can be either portable such as trailer mounted, or fixed installation which includes prime power. Both engine and alternator are designed and equipped to be more rugged and durable. Engine equipped is more commonly diesel due to its far superiority in both longevity, fuel economy and lesser overall operating expense. On board, safer diesel fuel supply eliminates costly additional external fuel connections or supply such as the case for LPG or LNG require.

Alternators are heavy duty built providing both better longevity, reliability and cleaner power. Prime power generators are a continuous source of power when there is no access to public electric utilities. Applications are for off-grid cabins/cottage, military or remote commercial businesses.

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