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Are Generators Safe For Electronics?

Are Generators Safe For Electronics? 0

Not all generators are safe for electronics.


Take heating and air conditioning or example.


Furnaces, unlike consumer electronics, do not have a built-in regulated power supply. A quality one could cost over $1,000.00 So, they rely on a clean, consistent sine wave to power an IFC (integrated furnace control) and establish clock timing and synchronization of integrated circuits.


A simple IFC may only control furnace functions such as turning line or low voltage switches on and off, controlling fan-timing circuits, and monitoring flame rectification circuits. More advanced IFCs also control voltage to igniters, ECM and VFD motors, and variable frequency drives. Even the simplest IFC may not operate when supplied with poor quality power. Furnaces have a minimum basic electrical requirement for Voltage, frequency and power quality. The accepted standard is:

    • 120 V ± 10 % (108 V to 132 V)
    • 60 Hz frequency ± 3 % (57 Hz to 63 Hz)
    • Harmonic distortion <5 % THD

Furnaces supplied with voltages that have harmonic distortion greater than 8 % THD may not operate or will operate with possible damaging consequences for the electronic circuitry and components.


* ALL Aurora Generators have less than 5% THD.


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Diesel Engine Break-In Period

Diesel Engine Break-In Period 0

*This applies to ALL engines, not just diesel.

The ultimate goal of a "break-in" period is to allow machined surfaces in the engine combustion chamber to conform to each others shape. "Break-in" helps to creates a tight seal that is essential to preventing the escape of unburned fuel and pressurized gases from entering the crankcase. It also prevents engine lube oil from getting into the combustion chamber. It is perfectly reasonable and acceptable in new engines to see some small amount of engine oil consumed. While it is acceptable at first, it is essential that this loss of engine oil does not continue after the engine is broken-in.

For a break-in to occur, a moderate amount of heat, friction, and resulting wear will have to take place before the piston rings have “mated” with the cylinder walls. Running the generator engine under very light or no load at all will prevent the oil film on the cylinder wall from being scraped away by the piston rings. Eventually, this leaves a glaze (hard deposit) on the cylinder wall. Glazing prevents piston rings from creating a proper seal, and the result is a loss of power and engine lube oil. Contaminated oil will also result in increased engine wear.

Even with the most advanced engines with high precision parts, still can't achieve a perfect fit without a proper break-in. The key to an adequate break-in is to apply a moderate load of about 75% of the rating of the engine so that there can be enough heat and pressure for the break-in to occur. The break-in can take from 100-200 hours.

When an engine is "breaking-in" there is a lot of heat from friction and wear that occurs. Be sure to do an oil and filter change sooner rather than later.
Also, try and avoid running the engine for long periods without sufficient loads as the decreased heat and pressure prevents the engine piston rings from wiping away oil and glazing may occur. Working under load increases the temperature and also causes the piston rings to expand to better fit and ware into the proper shape that will be needed when the engine is called upon to work hard in the future.

Why is a diesel generator hard to start in cold weather?

Why is a diesel generator hard to start in cold weather? 0

Diesel engines rely solely on compression to raise the temperature of the air to a point where the diesel combusts when introduced to the hot high-pressure inside the engines combustion chamber.

In cold weather, engines are harder to start because the cylinder block absorbs a lot of heat from compression that is needed to ignite the diesel fuel. To help in starting, most engines use glow-plugs. Glow-plugs are heaters in the in the combustion chamber or pre-chamber that help heat up the air, and they do help. If you have them, use them.

When the temperature drops, engine oil, and fuel oil become thicker. The viscosity increases. This resistance to flow can cause substantial oil restriction to bearings, pumps and other critical components resulting in premature wear or catastrophic failure. One of the best ways to keep the oil viscosity low and the engine warm is to use an oil pan heater. Silicone oil pan heaters are inexpensive. While you are heating oil in the bottom of the engine, heat rises from it often helping to warm up the rest of the engine.

For complete engine heating, a recirculating engine coolant heater is your best choice, but it is a more expensive option. Engine block heaters also work but are not as efficient and often not thermostatically controlled. You must remember to turn them off and not run the engine with them on.

The most significant cause of a generator not able to start in cold weather is a cold battery! As a battery reaches freezing temperatures, it is only about 40% efficient. That may not be enough to operate glow-plugs or crank the engine. A battery is also subject to freezing if not fully charged. It will freeze like water if discharged. A 100 percent fully charged battery will not freeze until approximately minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Two things you should do. First, keep your battery charged by adding a battery trickle charger and second, keep your battery warm with an electric battery blanket.

AURORA Generators supplies and installs many types of engine, battery and fuel heaters. You can find more information here

Ontario Power Generation Strike - Will power plants shut down?

Ontario Power Generation Strike - Will power plants shut down? 0

Will power plants shut down due to OPG strike?
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Need a generator? California power company Edison shutting down power on windy days.

Need a generator? California power company Edison shutting down power on windy days. 0

If you live in California and you hear that your power company will shut off power during windy days, that's an issue.  People are now looking for generators not knowing what to expect. 
How Do I Automatically Start My Generator?

How Do I Automatically Start My Generator? 0

Setting up Auto-Start on an Aurora Generator with a DynaGen Controller is simple. Here is how it works. With the generator set to "auto", it will remain on standby until PIN 7 on the din terminal block is connected to ground PIN 9.

There is no power needed here. Just a dry contact from a relay on your ATS or remote that closes a connection to start and opens it to stop. That's a two-wire start.

For advanced installations, if auto-start should happen when a "Float, Open, Battery or Ground connection is made instead, it can be configured in the DynaGen Controller Menu.



How to setup Auto Start on your generator

How do you power a water pump when off-grid?

How do you power a water pump when off-grid? 0

A Small Diesel Generator from Aurora is used to power this deep water well in the desert. It is one of many like it that are used on a large ranch to provide drinking water for cattle. The customer built a holding tank for water and uses floats to turn the power on and off for the generator that powers the water pumps.

Powering a well water pump in the desert with an Aurora Diesel Generator

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How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine.

How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine. 0

How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine.

Ordering Parts for Perkins Engines

Understanding your engine plate, to make sure you receive the correct parts for your engine.

Over the years Perkins has produced hundreds of different engines – and each has a number of different variants. So how do you know the exact specification of your engine?

All the information you need about your engine is included on your engine plate – although you do need to know how to read the information recorded on it.

Engines vary according to the application and power requirements of the machine, and the components required may be different between engine variants. For example, different fan heights and pulleys mean differences in fan belts or the fitting of a turbocharger may mean different oil system requirements. Knowing the engine and serial number will enable you to decide on the exact parts you require when you need to service or repair your engine.

Engine serial numbers are found on a metal plate commonly fixed to the engine block, typically located on the left-hand side of your engine.

New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW

New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW 0

Here at Aurora Generators, we are always listening to our customers and looking for ways to improve our products. We've had great success with our built tough, grey, small compact diesel generators for many years. Designed for both residential and commercial markets. It was, for many customers, much more than they needed. As an emergenc
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What is the difference between Prime Power and Standby? 0

GenSet Rating Classifications

ISO 8528 identifies four different generator rating classifications: continuous, prime, limited-time power, and emergency standby. Many companies also  employ two additional classifications to further define the ratings for its generator products.

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What is better, gas or diesel powered generators?

What is better, gas or diesel powered generators? 0

There are many reasons to choose a diesel-powered generator over a gas powered generator. Here are a few of the main ones. 

In the event of a natural disaster, gas and propane lines are usually shut down by the utility companies prevent further destruction leaving those customers who have a natural gas or propane generator with no fuel. Diesel is readily available, safe to store for long periods of time and more accessible. 

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