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New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW

New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW
New Aurora GeneratorHere at Aurora Generators, we are always listening to our customers and looking for ways to improve our products. We've had great success with our built tough, grey, small compact diesel generators for many years. Designed for both residential and commercial markets. It was, for many customers, much more than they needed. As an emergency standby generator, it's main purpose is to sit outside, waiting for the next power failure. The doors, windows and outside features looked great, but with feed-back from customers like you, those features are not required nor used by most people.

So, in keeping with our tradition of always improving, we've done just that! We make installing an Aurora Generator easier than ever with improved access to the generator itself. The sides use a lockable latch mechanism and are completely removable. The generator frame has also been redesigned, but will still accommodate an internal fuel tank. Our new mufflers are quieter than before. We have improved airflow to reduce interior temperatures. The lighter color helps keep it cooler inside and is more ecstatically appealing.

We are sure you will love these new improvements. You can expect to see our mobile, tow-able, off-grid and commercial generators to be updated next. Stay tuned!

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