OEM Generators are popular with the do-it-yourselfer or equipment manufacturers.  They are designed to build into our project and are virtually identical to fully packaged units, but instead, they are mounted using vibration isolators on feet or risers.  Without an enclosure or fuel tank, they have a much smaller footprint making them very popular for use in trailers, vehicles, industrial equipment and for home and off-grid applications.    There is no sacrificing quality.  We use the same high-quality Perkins engine and alternator. The DynaGen generator controller has all the capabilities you would expect from any generator. 

Aurora Generators can custom build generators. If you have a unique application and need something specific to power it, contact us. We can often help. Not all our generators can be shown here.   

OEM | DIY Generators

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8,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid

8,000 Watt Diesel Generator Off-Grid Power Generator  This generator is ideally suited for off-grid power generation. It's is powered by a small two-cylinder Perkins / Caterpillar diesel engine.  It can...

$ 7,195.73 USD
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10,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid

10,000 Watt Diesel Generator Off-Grid Power Generator  Designed for off-grid power generation with enough reserve power for additional equipment. Powered by a compact three-cylinder Perkins / Caterpillar diesel engine.  It...

$ 8,095.60 USD
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13,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid

13,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid Popular Generator for off-grid, home, trailers and vehicles. This type of diesel generator is a popular choice for use in off-grid homes, vehicles, trailers, commercial/industrial...

$ 8,494.94 USD
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