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Bare Bones Diesel Generators

For the do-it-yourselfer.

Aurora designs Bare Bones generators for equipment manufacturers and the do-it-yourselfer. Just like all our generators, they can be run long and hard. They are simple, easy to use, and extremely reliable. We use Perkins engines, the same engines that Caterpillar depends on for their products. No other engine brand can compare to the long life, aftermarket support, and warranty of a Perkins/Caterpillar engine.


The Dynagen TG350 or TG410 (optional) controller used here offers superior generator protection and control over all others. Sure it cost a bit more but, there are no dummy lights or confusing messages. When you need to know what is going on, DynaGen TG series controllers show it in simple easy to understand words, not codes or confusing symbols.

Compare Models

Compare Models
  8 kW 10 kW 13 kW 20 kW
Output 60A- 120V
30A - 240V
80A - 120V
40A - 240V
100A - 120V
50A - 240V
160A - 120V
80A - 240V
Weight xxx lbs 850 lbs 1100 lbs 1350 lbs
Full or part-time use
Perkins Engine 402D-05G 403D-11G 403D-15G 404D-22G
Starter Battery
Perkins Engine 402D-05G 403D-11G 403D-15G 404D-22G
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Number of cylinders 2 3 3 4
RPM 3600 1800 1800 1800
Radiator Cooled
Fuel Consumption 100% Prime 2.17 l/hr
0.57 gph
2.68 l/hr
0.71 gph
3.74 l/hr
0.99 gph
5.04 l/hr
1.33 gph
Fuel Consumption 75% Prime 1.73 l/hr
0.43 gph
2.09 l/hr
0.55 gph
2.83 l/hr
0.75 gph
3.89 l/hr
1.03 gph
Fuel Consumption 50% Prime 1.09 l/hr
0.29 gph
1.51 l/hr
0.40 gph
2.08 l/hr
0.55 gph
2.83 l/hr
0.75 gph
Perkins engine warranty
(parts, labor & travel)
3000 Hr / 2 Years 3000 Hr / 2 Years 3000 Hr / 2 Years 3000 Hr / 2 Years
Normal engine life > 15,000 Hr > 15,000 Hr > 15,000 Hr > 15,000 Hr
Cold start glow plugs
Block Heater
Low Oil Pressure Sensor
High Temperature Sensor
Oil Change Interval 500 Hr 500 Hr 500 Hr 500 Hr
Brushless Maintenance Free
Automatic Voltage Regulated
Main Circuit Breaker
High Temperature Sensor
Battery Cables
Fuel Tank
Vibration Mounts
Manuals on USB
Included Not Included ▢ Optional

Aurora Bare Bones Diesel Generators are available in different sizes and come equipped with Perkins Powered Diesel engines. Perkins produces a world-class engine second to none. Hands down they have the best record when it comes to service and reliability. Matched with a high-quality generator head, these generators are priced to sell!

Bare Bones Diesel Generators

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