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Next generation battery chargers and maintainers.

UltraSafe smart battery chargers designed to fully charge and maintain generators, cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks and more.

Battery Chargers

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XGB3L LED Flashlight + USB Battery Pack

XGB3L LED Flashlight + USB Battery Pack The XGB3L is an ultra-compact and portable LED rechargeable lithium-powered LED flashlight. Its incredibly powerful 250 lumens rival most tactical-grade flashlights, and outperform...

$ 38.95 USD
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AURORA | Solar Battery Chargers for Generators

5 Watt Solar Battery Charger A 5 Watt Solar Battery Charger for keeping 12-volt batteries fully charged and maintained through solar power. It provides up to 410mA charging current to...

$ 63.95 USD
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4A Battery Charger | Smart Charger

Generator Battery Charger | Smart Charger  For customers who do not use their generator often and don't wish to exercise for extended periods of time just to recharge the generator...

$ 75.95 USD
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Generator Battery Smart Charger | 6 Amps

This 28106 model is a 1 bank, 6 amp, 12V DC output charger with wide input voltage range (100-240V AC), is microprocessor controlled and has a maintenance mode that will...

$ 107.52 USD
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