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30 kW | 37.5 kVA | 3 Phase | 277/480 Volt Commercial Diesel Generator

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30 kVA Perkins Powered Industrial Generators

Choose From Multiple Options and Custom Built YOUR generator.

Available With Large Capacity Fuel Tank, Trailer And Remote Monitoring

Model: AGi30P-3-480
Standby Power Rating: 30 kVA
Prime Power Rating: 28 kVA 
Voltage 480 Volts @ 40 Amps

Custom Designed To Meet Your Needs

We custom build generators to meet your needs by offering multiple options. By selecting just the features that are important to you, saves you money and helps ensure that your generator better fits your unique application. We can even brand your generator with your company name. If you are a rental business, advertise your business, not ours. Emergency Services, Construction or Residential customers can have either a custom logo or complete vinyl wrap. The possibilities are endless.

General Specifications  
Model AGi30P
Type Diesel
Power 30 kW Standby Generator
60 Hz., 1800 RPM Liquid Cooled
Single Phase, 1.0 Power Factor
Automatic Voltage Regulated
120 Volt - 250 Amps
240 Volt - 125 Amps
Sound Level 65 dB @ 23 Feet
Dimensions L x W x H 72.25” x 40.25”x 50”
Weight TBA
Country of Origin Made in Canada
Approvals CSA SPE-1000
Generator Controller  
Model TG350 or TG410
Operating Voltage 5.5 to 38VDC continuous.
Cranking dropouts to 0VDC
for 50mS, also meets SAEJ1113-11
Standby Current Draw 50 MA
Protection Reverse battery protected & overload
Operating Temperature -40c - + 70c (-40 - +158F)
Vibration and Shock Meets or exceeds SAEJ1455
Electromagnetic Compatibility Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-461E Conducted Emissions
Configurable Switched Inputs 5
Configurable Switched Outputs 4
Warranty 5 Years
Engine Specifications  
Make/Model Perkins 404D-22TAG
Glow Plugs Included
Engine Speed 1800
Number of Cylinders 4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Combustion System Indirect Injection
Compression Ratio 23.3:1
Bore and Stroke 84 x 100 mm (3.3in x 3.9in)
Displacement 2.2 litres (135 in³)
Cooling System Water Cooled
Coolant Capacity 9.3L (2.4gal US)
Oil Capacity 10.6 L (2.8 gal US)
Oil and Filter Changes 500 Hours depending on load factor.
Starter 12 Volt
Alternator 65 Amp
Starter Battery 850 CCA
Perkins Engine Warranty 2 Year 3000 Hour - 5 Year Optional
Model SM180E
Type Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulated
Voltage Regulation ±0.5%
Rated Output 240 Volt Single Phase 30,000 Watts
Insulation Class H
Warranty 5 Years
Belly Fuel Tank  
Volume 45 Litres (12 gal US)
Material 0.090 Plate Aluminum
Standard CAN/ULC-S601
Warranty 5 Years
Canopy Enclosure $1749.00 Powder coated galvanized steel enclosure. Provides weather protection and reduces generator noise. High quality sound acoustic material installed throughout. Heavy duty lockable T-Handle doors. All stainless steel fasteners.
Block Heater $185.00 400W 120VAC engine coolant warmer assists starting engine and reduces warm up time in colder climates. Recommended for temperatures below 0C / 32F
Battery Charger $176.00 4A Fully sealed water proof automatic charger maintains starting battery in standby mode. recommended for auto start applications.
Wireless Remote $237.00 Hand held wireless RF 433Mhz remote with external antenna receiver enables remote start and shutdown. 500' Optimal Range.
120 VAC Port Plug $95.00 Enables easy weatherproof connection for 120VAC options such as block heater and/or battery charger when the canopy enclosure is desired.
Solar Battery Maintainer $64.00 5W (410 mA) Automatic charger maintains generators starting battery in standby mode. Recommended for auto start applications where 120VAC is not available.
TG410 Controller Upgrade $149.00 Enables additional AC current load monitoring and/or remote monitoring.
Current Sensing $179.00 Enables AC current monitoring. TG410 controller is required.
Engine Coolant & Oil
(Canadian Residents Only)
$100.00 Caterpillar DEO-ULS 10W-30 Engine Oil
(Meets API CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS/CI-4, API SM)

Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant
Incorporates an advanced technology with organic acid corrosion inhibitors for maximum copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron, and aluminum. protection.

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