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20 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series

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20 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series 

Incredible Value and Top Performance. Designed for OEMs

OEMs love these generators. They cost less but are built just as tough as all our complete generator packages.  The savings come from the understanding that not every customer needs all the added features or can source some of them locally. We put together these units with what we feel is the perfect balance between them. We also explain what the options are so you can decide if it is required or not. 

AURORA has professionals that can help you customize a package that fits your needs. Call and talk to us today. 1-877-510-6807  


Standard Features

Perkins Diesel Engine

This generator uses a  Perkins (Caterpillar owned company) diesel engine. It is the most popular size engines sold.  The tough four-cylinder engine is capable of running full or part time and only requires an oil change every 500 hours under normal use. This means it can run for three weeks without having to be shut down.  The typical engine life hours is over twenty thousands hours. 

Like all diesel engines today, these new clean diesel technology engines have much lower fuel consumption than ever before and are ultra-compact. Because it is a four-cylinder engine, it works in perfect balance resulting in lower vibrations, steady consistent power, and efficiency.

Perkins and Caterpillar engines are the best-supported types of diesel engines worldwide. They include the longest warranties and can't be beaten by any other. 


Industrial class alternators used are highly reliable and produce clean, stable power even in harsh conditions. Automatic Voltage Regulated with very low harmonic distortion makes these types of generator alternators safer for sensitive electronics.   Because they are directly coupled to the engine, have no brushes and never require any maintenance, they have become the standard for power generation.   AURORA doubles the manufacturer warranty
 Generator Alternator from Aurora Generators.

Coolant Temperature Sending Unit

Engines normally use an engine coolant temperature switch and oil pressure switch.  They only turn on or off when there is a fault and do not let you read actual engine temperature. We feel it is important to know how hot the engine is running and detected an issue before it becomes necessary to shut down the engine.  For this reason, we include an additional sensor to monitor the coolant temperature so that if it ever reaches a warning level it will notify you, log the condition.  If a critical level is reached the generator controller will shut down before so your generator controller can monitor the actual temperature. For added protection, the generator controller is set to log four set points. High and Low warning levels and failure levels. Added information and better protection.

Expansion Tank

We add coolant expansion tanks to all AURORA generators. Expansion thanks help to recover expanding coolant from your engine's cooling system and help to provide a quick and easy visual level.

Radiator Coolant Expansion Tank


Our choice of controller and our wiring methods is where you really see the superior quality in AURORA Generators. DynaGen Controllers are used to Automatically Start, Monitor, Protect & Control Your Generator. The controller is mounted on the alternator or a controller box also shown below depending on the model.   

DynaGen Controllers are built tough and tested to higher SAE standards than others. Tough Series controllers use superior automotive-grade plastics,  high heat laminates for the circuit boards, and resilient silicon front panel buttons.   They protect themselves from power dips, surges, vibration, and thermal shock.  They are built to perform consistently in the most extreme environments. 

Main Features

Diesel Generator Controller - DynaGen TG350 or TG410

Monitoring Functions

Generator Mounting Hardware

10 Gauge Steel Galvanized and painted engine and alternator mounting hardware are included. We install the right height so your generator is level and ready to be bolted to wherever you choose to install it.

Generator Mounting Hardware


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