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10,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Bare Bones

  • SKU # AGi9P-1-240-BB

Bare Bones | 10 kW Diesel Generator

Nothing Fancy, it just works!

Perkins Bare Bones Diesel Generators

General Specifications

  • 10,000 Watt Standby Power Rated
  • 41.7 Amps @ 240 Volts
  • 83.3 Amps @ 120 Volts
  • Perkins Diesel Engine Powered - 3 Cylinder Liquid Cooled

This bare-bones generator is designed for the do-it-yourselfer. We did the hard part. We carefully aligned and mated the alternator to the engine. We torqued the stainless steel fasteners between the alternator flex plate and the engine flywheel. The housing was also fastened together using high-quality stainless steel, socket head cap screws.

Vibration isolators have been installed on both the engine and alternator (generator head). The oil pressure, temperature sensor, starter motor, glow-plugs and fuel solenoid have been wired up to a simple key switch. Nothing complicated, no electronics.

The muffler is included and can be mounted in a few directions to fit your needs better.

What you have, is a world-class Perkins engine and alternator ready to mount and use for your own prime or standby power application.

When you receive the generator, you will need to add engine oil and coolant. Connect the provided fuel lines to a diesel fuel supply and the battery cables to your battery.

For the electrical part, it is easy to connect to your load. However, you should follow all electrical safety codes and consult with a professional as required.

AURORA designs and builds diesel generators complete with auto-start controllers, fuel tanks, outdoor weather resistant and attenuated sound enclosures and more. This generator is just the bare bones for those who don't need anything else and want to save some money doing some work themselves.

Note: The image shown is just the alternator and engine for reference. 

Diesel Engine

This generator uses a ultra compact three-cylinder diesel engine from Perkins. It offers exceptional performance and long life.  Perkins engines are Radiator Liquid Cooled and can operate full or part time.  Perkins engines require fewer oil, air and fuel filter changes (every 500 hours depending on load factor). The low fuel consumption and ultra-compact engine offer all the customer benefits experienced from larger engine sizes. The engine has a proven record and has been in use worldwide for many years in providing power for homes, business and construction equipment.

Model Number Perkins 403D-11G
Aspiration Naturally Aspired
Origin USA
Displacement 1.131 Liters
Number of cylinders 3
Speed 1800 RPM
Compression Ratio 23.5:1
RPM 1800
Governor Type Mechanical
Fuel System Diesel
Bore and Stroke 77 x 81 mm
Compression Ratio 23:1
Cooling System Water Cooled
Coolant Capacity 5.2 L (1.4 gal US)
Oil Capacity 4.9 L (1.3 gal US)
Oil and Filter Changes 500 Hours depending on load factor.
Starter 12 Volt
Alternator 15 Amp DC
Starter Battery 540 CCA
Weight (dry) 129.2 kg | 284.8 lb
Flywheel SAE J620 6.5 
Housing SAE J620 5 
Perkins Engine Warranty 2 Year 3000 Hour - 5 Year Optional


Aurora industrial class alternators are highly reliable and produce clean, stable power even in harsh conditions. Automatic Voltage Regulated to 0.5% precision. The alternator is brushless and requires no maintenance. The generator head is directly driven by a heavy engine flywheel. The large rotating mass helps to reduce fluctuations in power when heavy loads are applied.

Model SMU160C
Type Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulated
Voltage Regulation ±0.5%
AVR VR301(Standard)
THD No load <1.5%
Rated Output 240 Volt Single Phase 10,000 Watts
Protection IP23
Insulation Class H
Standards I EC60034,NEMA MG1-32,IS08528,CSA C22.2-100,VDE 0530,GB755
Weight 124 kg |  273.4 lb
Warranty 5 Years