Aurora Diesel Home Generators are designed to outlast and outperform all traditional generators. They are cleaner, quieter and use much stronger diesel engines that can run full or part-time. They are not just for emergencies. You can power your home, cottage, camp or even industrial equipment. AURORA diesel home generators are self-contained with built-in fuel tanks so there are fewer limitations on how you can use them.

Diesel engines love to work hard making them a better choice for power generation. It costs less to operate and should you ever decided to resell it, they loose very little value over time, even after hundreds of thousands of hours use.

These home diesel powered generators are available from 4 kW - 30 kW and are available with or without a canopy enclosure. Options include larger fuel tanks, heaters, remote controls, and transfer switches.

Diesel Home Generators

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13 KW Diesel Generator
$ 11,233.45 USD
20 kW Diesel Generator
$ 12,452.00 USD