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Why Natural Gas? - If natural gas pipelines are available at your location, natural gas-powered generators may be a better choice over diesel. Diesel is still the number one choice for power generation however not always a practical one. For those who do not have ready access, it can be cost prohibitive. Most natural gas engines can be set up to use propane as an alternative.

One of the main reasons to consider Natural Gas is that it does not have to be stored locally and it will not degrade over time.

Many are familiar with smaller "lawnmower engines in a box" generators sold by the big box stores. Those types of generators are not designed to run for long nor do they last long. The reason is that they are air-cooled and very high-speed engines operating at 3600 rpm. What AURORA offers are liquid cooled engines made by Ford, GM, and PSI. Those run at 1800 rpm, quieter and are more reliable.

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20 kW Generator | Natural Gas | Propane | FORD

20,000 Watt Generator | Natural Gas | Propane | Gasoline Ford Industrial Engines - Built Tough! General Specifications Model Number AGi20F.1.240.O Standby Power Rating 31,000 Watt Standby - Gasoline 29,000 Watt...

$ 15,681.00 USD
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