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Transfer Switches

What Is a Generator Transfer Switch?

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Generator Transfer Switches are the key to safe and convenient operation of portable generators for standby power. By isolating those circuits using generator power, transfer switches eliminate the risk of back feeding the electrical utility, which can cause injury to workers and property damage.

By installing a transfer switch at your breaker box and connecting a portable generator to the transfer switch, you can run selected circuits for appliances such as a furnace, well pump sump pump, refrigerator, television, computer, printer or lighting circuit during a power outage, depending on the capacity of your generator. Since many portable generators cannot handle all of these loads at the same time, the transfer switch allows you to manually transfer each of these loads separately whenever you need them or as required.

Determining which circuits you will require during a power outage is the first step in selecting the proper wattage generator and transfer switch. Since most home appliances operate intermittently, a 6500 watt generator can provide adequate power to circuits for the most common appliances, such as furnace, lights, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, and TV.

What to buy.

Most people prefer one of two kits made by Reliance Controls. A "6 circuit generator transfer switch kit" and a "10 circuit transfer switch kit" They both have all all the parts most people need. The kits save you a lot of time and running to the store for little things. The best instructions we found are for this brand and there are even online videos to help you. For those who have more specific needs there are hundreds of different combination with different size circuit breakers, generator plugs and, lights and watt meters to pick from.