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Aurora Whole Home Generators - Diesel Powered 

Aurora Diesel Home Generators are Guaranteed to outlast all traditional generators.  They can be used for full or part-time power for up to three weeks before an oil change is required.   Perkins is a Caterpillar owned company and their engine's power Aurora Generators.  Many use these generators full time and are entirely off-the-grid.  We build all our generators to much higher standards, so they last over 20,000 hours. When the power fails, and you depend on at electricity to keep you safe and comfortable, you can rely on an Aurora Generator to keep on working long after others have failed.  

Whole Home Generators

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10 kW Diesel Generator | Perkins

10,000 Watt Diesel Generator Clean, Quiet, Automatic Standby Generator New for 2019.  Nothing beats a diesel when it comes to power generation. Diesel cost less to operate and lasts longer...

From $ 9,290.00 USD
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13 KW Diesel Generator

13,000 Watt Diesel Generator Most Popular Home Generator for daily use in homes, solar, cottage and cabin installation. When you compare this generator to other home generator, you will be...

$ 11,233.45 USD
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10,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Bare Bones

Bare Bones | 10 kW Diesel Generator Nothing Fancy, it just works! Perkins Bare Bones Diesel Generators General Specifications 10,000 Watt Standby Power Rated 41.7 Amps @ 240 Volts 83.3 Amps @...

$ 6,157.02 USD
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10,000 Watt Diesel Generator | Off-Grid

10,000 Watt Diesel Generator Off-Grid Power Generator  Designed for off-grid power generation with enough reserve power for additional equipment. Powered by a compact three-cylinder Perkins / Caterpillar diesel engine.  It...

$ 8,095.60 USD
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