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Perkins 403D-11G Diesel Engine

This generator uses a small and compact yet powerful four-cylinder diesel engine from Perkins.  Perkins engines offer exceptional performance and long life.  Perkins engines are radiator cooled, slow turning engines that can run full or part-time.  Perkins engines require less oil, air, and fuel filter changes (every 500 hours depending on load factor). The low fuel consumption and ultra-compact engine offer all the customer benefits experienced from larger engine sizes. This engine has a proven record and has been in use worldwide for many years in providing power for homes, businesses and construction equipment.


Engine Specifications
Model Number Perkins 403D-11G
Aspiration Naturally Aspired
Displacement 1.131 Liters
Number of cylinders 3
Cylinder arrangement Vertical in-line
Speed 1800 RPM
Combustion system Indirect injection
Compression Ratio 23.5:1
RPM 1800
Governor Type Mechanical
Fuel System Diesel
Bore and Stroke 77 x 81 mm
Compression Ratio 23:1
Cooling System Water Cooled
Coolant Capacity 5.2 L (1.4 gal US)
Oil Capacity 4.9 L (1.3 gal US)
Oil and Filter Changes 500 Hours depending on load factor.
Starter 12 Volt
Alternator 15 Amp DC
Starter Battery 540 CCA
Weight (dry) 129.2 kg | 284.8 lb
Flywheel J620 SAE 6.5 
Housing J620 SAE 5 
Length 778 mm | 30.6"
Width 438 mm | 17.2" 
Height 730 mm | 28.7"
Weight 129.2 kg | 284.8 lb
Perkins Engine Warranty 2 Year 3000 Hour - 5 Year Optional
Operation and Maintenance Manual