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AURORA provides high-quality, reliable power generators for home, off-grid, and industrial applications. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. We don't just talk about quality we deliver it. You can see the quality work we do in our photos and videos we share each day on social media. Some of our social media feeds are viewable below. You can also visit our blog and see more.

AURORA started during the great Northeast blackout in 2003. We became frustrated with existing generator products that failed to meet our needs. We developed a real passion for improving current offerings and meeting our own customer needs. We are a successful company today because we continue to fill a void, remain unique and offer a noticeable difference, especially in quality. We believe we are the best in our class because we listen to our customers, and can quickly adjust to changing customer needs.

Perkins engines power all our generators. Perkins is a Caterpillar owned company. We don't use any other engine because nothing else compares in quality and customer service. The warranty is second to none.

For generator control, we use DynaGen controllers. They are the most robust controllers available. DynaGen controllers are designed to operate in harsh conditions from extreme cold to hot tropical climates. To learn more about the components used in AURORA generators, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find out more on our product pages.

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