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Struggling To Figure Out Which Diesel Generator Will Keep You Safe And Comfortable - In Any Situation?

Every diesel generator we manufacture is powered by a Perkins Engine. The same engine Caterpillar counts on globally for superior performance.

Why You Can Rely On A Diesel Powered Generator

  • Saves money by using less fuel. Diesel cost much less than natural gas or any other fuel.
  • Keep your home powered non-stop during a storm. No matter how long the power outage lasts, there is no need to let it rest or cool-down as you do with other non-diesel home generators. 
  • No need to change the oil every 100 hours.  Can run for thee weeks 24/7 before one is needed.
  • Cleaner and safer fuel that can be stored for long periods of time. 
  • 20 - 30 times the life expectancy of any other type of home generator with less maintenance. 
  • Warranty covers thousands of hours use, not just for emergencies. 
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