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There is nothing better than a diesel powered whole home standby generator

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What makes diesel-powered whole home standby generators a better choice for power generation?

When it comes to Whole Home Standby Generators, nothing beats a generator powered by a Perkins engine. Perkins (Caterpillar owned company) is the world largest manufacturer of diesel engines.  You will always find a diesel engine used where machines are needed to perform hard work.  More and more homes are backed-up with diesel-powered generators than ever before.   With our increasing demand for power and need to generate electricity for an unknown period during an outage,  nothing is better suited for the job than a diesel.  Just as it performs in heavy machinery around the world, it performs even better in a generator set. 

  • They can run full-time for weeks if needed.
  • Produce more power with less noise.
  • Lowest fuel cost for power generation over any other.
  • Generator engines run at 1800 RPM, instead 3600 RPM
  • Engines are water cooled by radiator and last much longer
  • Fuel is easy to obtain in emergencies. Can be stored for long periods of time.
  • Not explosive or flammable in comparison to natural gas, propane or gasoline. Will only ignite at much higher temperatures and pressure.
  • Oil changes required every 500 hours (gas is 50-100 hours) This means it can run non-stop for three weeks.
  • Gas generator engines last less than 1000 hours on average, diesel 20,000 hours!
  • Best warranty in the world

Whole standby generators from AURORA are available in sizes from 4 kW - 30 kW They use small compact diesel engines ranging in size from tiny two-cylinder engines to larger four-cylinder engines.  

World-Class Alternators 

Aurora Generators all use world-class alternators to produce clean, stable power that outperforms alternator/generators found in other brands.  You can depend on these to power your furnace, air conditioner or electronics as they produce cleaner energy with less harmonic distortion than those used in traditional home generators.

Generator Head - Alternator


Storm Ready

Canopy enclosures help to protect generators from the environment. Acoustic foam insulation used inside helps to absorb sound and vibration.  Galvannealed sheet steel is used to fabricate the enclosure. A powder coat finish adds additional protection from any possible corrosion.  Any fastener used is stainless steel.


Whole Home Generator



Generator Enclosure


Fuel Tanks

These generators use an Integrated diesel fuel tank located in the belly.  Larger fuel tanks for extended operation is also available. 

Diesel Generator Fuel TankCompare all AURORA Standby Generators


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