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Portable Generators Discontinued

EPA in 2012 introduced new emission regulations for non-road diesel engines that require the to have advanced emission control technologies similar to what highway trucks and buses have. Unfortunately, the devices reduce the amount of power the engine can supply when heavy electrical loads are applied to the generator. 

The EPA controls what manufactures can build and must give permission first. The EPA has not approved any design or modification to the existing portable generator engines that many companies have been using since their existence. 

For this reason, portable diesel generators are history. We have now sold out of the engines we had stocked piled since 2012.   Anyone today who sells a portable diesel generator is either not approved has been sitting on the shelf for many years. 

The alternative to the portable diesel generator is the Perkins 2 cylinder diesel powered generators you can find on our website.  Unfortunately, the engines alone cost more than the whole generator did before. On the positive note, they last 20 times longer and use less fuel.