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Standby Power Rated Generator

Standby power is the maximum power available at a varying load for the duration of a utility power outage with no overload capability. The average variable load factor is 70%

Prime Power Rated Generator

Prime power is a varying load in place of normal utility power for an unlimited amount of running time. A 10% overload capacity is available for 1 out of every 12 hours.

Continuous Power Rated Generator

Continuous power rated generators can run on a continuous non-varying load for an unlimited number of hours.

Typical Applications

Standby Generator - Home, Business or portable power applications.

Prime Power Generator - Off-grid homes, cottage, cabin, anyplace where the generator is your prime source of power.

Continuous Power Generator Powering electrical heaters and off-grid solar homes where the generator is used to charge batteries. Often resistive type loads that do not change in power.