Generator Cold Weather Starting

When it's cold outside, it can be hard to start an engine as the cold cylinder block and engine head absorbs the heat of compression, preventing ignition. So, diesel engines use glow plugs.

Diesel Engine Glow Plug
Diesel Engine Glow Plug

These are heating devices that aid in starting diesel engines. They turn on and glow red hot before starting and can remain on for a while. But, cold weather still stresses your engine. Typically, oil flows to the top of your engine within seconds. When it is cold, oil gets thick, and it can take a minute or two instead. This results in increased friction and wear.

A block heater helps heat the engine block, but it does not heat the oil sitting at the pan's bottom. An oil pan heater does. Heat rises, so it also helps to heat the rest of your engine. AURORA uses oil pan heaters that are thermostatically controlled. They only turn on when needed and automatically turn off when a set temperature is reached.

Car & Generator batteries don't like the cold. The colder the weather gets, the weaker they are. Even a strong, fully charged battery won't feel 100% if the temperatures drop enough. And if your battery is only half-charged, it'll freeze solid at just -10 F. (-23c)

Generator Battery Charging Cables

Keeping your battery charged will help prevent it from freezing and prevent self-discharging. The battery will, on its own will self-discharge approximately 4% per week without any use. AURORA recommends using a smart charger that is maintenance-free and can be left connected full-time. It will never overcharge your battery, and it ensures it is always ready to use when needed.

Using a battery charger will also help to reduce engine wear by eliminating neediness exercising.

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