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This time it isn’t toilet paper

There is a huge increase in demand for generators this year. Typically this is a slow time in Ontario but due to the pandemic, more people are staying at home or the cottage. Having reliable power is more important than ever.

The increased demand is being felt across North America. Most companies have 5-6 months backorders with no relief in sight. There is also a shortage of copper needed for generators and electric vehicles that have already resulted in a 10% cost increase.

AURORA's current lead times are 4-6 weeks but as we head into spring, that will likely get longer. Cottagers are ordering now and asking us to hold on to them until they are ready to take delivery. That's not a problem but getting generators built-in time is. So is installation if that is a requirement. We talked to some contractors in cottage country who are also quickly filling up their calendars for the spring/summer season.

If you are planning to buy a generator you might want to think about getting your order in sooner than later so you're not risking being caught unprepared in the event of a power outage.

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