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Generator Wiring Methods

Vibration and corrosion are the leading cause of electrical failures in generators. This is why we spend the majority of our assembly time on wiring and testing.

These photos show just how far we go to make sure it does not become an issue on an AURORA generator.

• Wire loom is solid, not split, so water can't get it in. • Nylon insulated terminals are used because they are more durable than vinyl/PVC. • Terminals are double-crimped to deliver additional tensile strength and strain relief against wire pull-out. • Heat shrink with an adhesive protects the wires and creates a waterproof seal to prevent wire corrosion and make a permanent connection. • Cable ties are black UV stabilized nylon rated for operating temperature range between -40º to 185º F • Highly stranded bare copper conductor wire called MTW is used instead of TEW that is made with tinned copper conductors. MTW is also heat, moisture, and oil-resistant.

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