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"I can just barely hear the unit running inside the house"

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

From John G - AK USA

I decided to locate the generator on a pad that formerly housed a covered hot tub. The location was perfect for this purpose, as it was close to my fuel source for the garage and transfer switch in the same.

The piping is 1/2” black pipe for supply and returns with Firomatic safety valve and check valve, plumbed to a dedicated generator/ Bobcat fueling tank of 300 gallons to provide fuel turnover.

I debated on removing the feet to place the unit directly on the slab but, chose to leave it elevated to facilitate the electrical and fuel piping. I installed a 2” schedule 40 PVC conduit for 2/0 carriers and 1/0 neutral to the transfer switch and a separate 1/2” PVC conduit for the start/stop signal wires from the transfer switch to eliminate any possible interference.

I also ran dedicated circuits for the hot start heater, oil pan heater and battery charger on GFCI outlets.

I am also happy to report, I can just barely hear the unit running inside the house and less than 68 decibels at the front door approximately 40’ away. I know I made the right choice with purchasing an Aurora generator, thanks for making a quality product.


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