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What size generator do I need?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What size generator do I need?

Customers ask us this question every day.

Many callers start by telling us the size of their home. Sure, your home's size has some relation to the size of the heating and air conditioning, but it doesn't tell us how much is needed.

What is important is what you are trying to power in your home. Some wish to power the whole household. Others will list off a few items that are important to them. So, we ask a few questions that help us understand what they need without getting too technical.

Do you want it to power your whole home so you can carry on as if nothing happened, or can you make a little adjustment and save some money not powering everything all at the same time?

This topic was covered in this telephone conversation we are sharing with permission from the caller on our podcast. Have a listen.

He did call us back with more questions than we will share in another podcast at a later date.

If you have a question you would like us to share or discuss in our podcast, please let us know.

You can email it and/or your recorded question and we may feature it here also.

Aurora Podcasts can be found on these platforms and more.

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