THIS SIZE GENERATOR IS PERFECT FOR larger homes. Most homes are supplied with 200 Amp electrical service from the utility company. This generator can provide the same, so you can carry on using everything as if no power outage ever occurred. Most people are willing to conserve a little energy during an outage and prefer a slightly smaller 20 kW instead. 



Long Runtime Diesel-powered engines can work hard 24/7 for extended periods - up to 3 weeks if necessary - and still outlast any other type of engine for a fraction of the operating costs. 



There's a reason the farming, transportation and construction industries have been leveraging the benefits offered by diesel generators for years.


Home Friendly 

New stringent emission regulations have produced clean diesel engine options that fit perfectly for home power generation. These strong, reliable long-life diesel engines have become today's preferred choice for home backup power. 


Clean and Safe 

Diesel fuel is a cleaner fuel that can be safely stored for long periods.


Quieter Running 

The higher the RPM, the louder the noise. Our diesel generators run in the 1800 RPM range, unlike non-diesel products that run at 3600.


Low Maintenance 

You only need to change the oil and filter every 500 hours instead of every 100 hours for a non-diesel generator.



Diesel fuel is the least expensive to run, with natural gas and propane costing much more.


Flexible Warranty 

Diesel-powered generators seldom have any restrictions on use and can be used non-stop if needed. The warranty for natural gas, propane and gasoline-powered generators usually only covers emergency standby use.



25 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

Enclosure Option
  • Leasing & Financing



    • Generator CAD Drawing
    • Engine Specifications
    • Engine Manual
    • Controller Manual
    • Alternator Manual



    • Oil Pan Heater
    • Battery Charger
    • Remote Monitoring & Control



    • What size generator do I need?
    • Wattage Guide (pdf)
    • Blog
    • See photos of customer installations
    • Starting in cold weather



    • Perkins Diesel Engine Model 404D-22TG

    • Four-cylinder

    • Turbo Diesel

    • 1800 RPM

    • 2.2 Litre



    • Meccalte Model ECP28

    • Brushless & maintenance-free

    • Automatic Voltage Regulated

    • 60 Hz | 120/240 Volts | 100 Amps

    • Available in 3 Phase 120/208 & 277/480 Volts



    • DYNAGEN TG350 

    • Auto-start & two-wire remote start compatible

    • Displays voltage, speed, frequency, battery, fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temp, and more. 

    • 150 Event Log

    • Easy to use

    • User re-programmable

    • Password Protected 


    FUEL TANK (Open Frame Model Only)

    • Built-in

    • Electronic Fuel Level Sensor

    • Mechanical Fuel Level Sensor

    •Vented Fuel Fill / Cap



    • All stainless steel fasteners used. 

    • Powder-coated steel enclosure

    • Powder-coated steel frame

    • Vibration Mounts on engine and alternator

    • Dimensions -  78" x 40" x 46" (L x W x H)

    • Weight - 1,450 lbs



    • Includes Battery


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