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Charge batteries with this Yanmar diesel-powered DC Generator
48-56 Volts DC


Includes Auto-start or fully-automatic operation! 


AURORA DC Generators are unique.  They run at lower RPM and reduced noise levels.  We achieve this by NOT directly coupling the engine and alternator.  Others do because it is simple but, their engines must turn at full speed, use more fuel, and make considerably more noise.  


AURORA DC Generators use larger engines at lower speeds, so they last much longer, use less fuel, and are quieter.   The alternator still turns at the required RPM, but its due to the pulley and belt combination.   It works just like the alternator generator in your car or truck.   


The generator is built on a heavy steel frame so you can pull it, lift it, drag it or toss it around and it will never fail.  Sure it weighs more, but it will last you a lifetime. 


  • Two-wire auto-start compatible
  • 1800 RPM engine speed
  • DynaGen TG350 auto-start controller
  • Electric start with battery and cables
  • Welded channel steel construction
  • Frame is treated with a rust encapsolator paint  heat resistant up to 350 Degrees F.



48 Volt DC Generator