48 Volt DC Generator

100 Amps | 4.8 KW Alternator


This alternator/generator has a fixed output of 48 volts DC. It is intended for directly powering 48-volt devices, not battery charging.  If you need to charge batteries, Aurora has other alternators with adjustable output. 



When wind or solar power is not available, or you need to take batteries offline, this DC generator/alternator can be part of your power backup solution. It is NOT a modified vehicle alternator or motor. It is a 48-volt DC generator used in hybrid vehicles for charging or directly driving 48-volt motors.

This DC generator will produce up to 4.8 kW (100 Amp at 48 volts) You can use a belt and pully from another electric motor, gas or diesel powered engine.  

  • 48 Volts DC
  • 100 Amps
  • 60mm Pulley Diameter
  • 9.5 kG
  • J180 Mount



48 Volt DC Generator Alternator | 100 Amp


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