24/7 Generator Remote Access


No matter which generator brand you have or what kind of control panel you are using, AURORA CONNECT gives you online access to start, stop and monitor your generator 24/7.

Remote Monitoring and Control can help to reduce expensive on-site service visits and helps to ensure its readiness.

With AURORA CONNECT you can start your generator remotely and be notified of faults, low fuel level, operational activity and even its location should it happen to be stolen. It is a simple, affordable solution to keep you connected at all times.


How Does It Work?


AURORA CONNECT is a two-way wireless device you control securely with your phone, tablet or computer. Turn your generator on and off, receive alerts by email and text of your generator status, power failures, fuel level and even its location using GPS. Cellular networks will always keep you connected to your device even during a power failure. AURORA CONNECT has a built-in backup battery to keep it running for days even if the battery is disconnected.


If you own a generator, or a fleet of generators, AURORA CONNECT is designed for you. 


Designed For Home Or Commercial Applications


For commercial applications, Aurora Connect can keep track of your whole fleet, monitor the location of them and even control or disable them if required.  


Generator Fleet Management



Device Specifications

  • 3 months with single message cycle per day on fully charged batteries.
  • 5.2 Ah lithium ion rechargeable battery pack • IP66 sealed enclosure
  • Packet data (GPRS,CDMA 1xRTT, or HSPA) and SMS-based messaging
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • Super sensitive GPS tracking
  • Ultra-low power save mode (<2mA)
  • 3-axis accelerometer for motion sense and impact detection
  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs
  • Voltage monitoring and low battery notification
  • 2,000 buffered messages
  • 10 Built-in Geo-fences
  • PEG™ Exception-Based Rules
  • Automatic, Over-The-Air Unit configuration on Power-up (PULS™)
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Download (PULS™)
  • Web-Based Device Management (PULS™) 


How Much Does It Cost?

  • You own the hardware. 
  • No additional charges for the first year.
  • Each additional year renewable at any time is $190.00 USD


Aurora Connect uses very little cellular data. If carriers introduce new data plans for low consumption devices, the cost maybe reduced. 

Generator Monitor Remote


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