Battery-Charging DC Generators offer a fast and convenient way to charge batteries.  They are available for 12, 24, and 48 Volt DC versions.   


Main Features

•  Includes 12 Volt AGM starter battery

•  Auto-start Dynagen controller
•  Hatz 1800 RPM  diesel engine
•  Diesel fuel tank
• 48 Volt DC Alternator
•  Vibration isolatation
•  2000 Hour 5 Year Warranty

Aurora DC Generators are guaranteed to outlast all others.  Diesel engines are used instead of gas since diesel engines are cleaner, quieter, and longer-lasting than any other type.   DC Generators from AURORA all have auto-start and are compatible with any two-wire start system.  




This generator uses a Hatz 1B50 diesel engine.  It runs at 1800 RPM so it produces less noise and lasts many times longer than others.  


• Two-wire auto-start compatible

• 1800 RPM engine speed

• DynaGen TG350 auto-start controller

• Electric start with battery and cables

• Welded channel steel construction

• Frame is treated with a rust encapsolator paint  heat resistant up to 350 Degrees F.



• No brushes, no brush springs

• One moving part, no moving electrical parts

• One-ppiece bearing housing

• Permanent bearing alignment 

• Oversize lubrication reservoir

• Gass Filled TFE Fluorocarbon steal (Teflon)

• Air-cooled 7.3" diamater advanced desgin 



• Strong, compact reliable power

• Exceptional bearing life

• Simple inspection and maintenance procedures

• Bi-directional rotation




• Uses DynaGen TG350 Generator Controller

• Automatic Starting and Stopping

• Compatible with all two-wire starting systems




• Welded channel steel construction

• Painted with Eastwood black corrision encapsulator paint 

• All stainless steel hardware

• Lifetime warranty

Battery Charging DC Generator

$9,800.00 Regular Price
$7,600.00Sale Price

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