DynaGen ES52 Auto-Start Generator Controller


The ES52 is designed to provide auto start control and protection for all types of diesel and gas engine-driven equipment.


The module is epoxy sealed in an ultra-compact package with mounting compatibility to an industry standard footprint, and is easily configured using on-board DIP switches and potentiometer adjustments.


DynaGen Auto-Start Controller

Model: ES52

This DynaGen ES52 generator controller provides simple auto-start control and generator protection with safety warnings and shut-downs. You can easily connect any standard two-wire staring systems such as a transfer switch or inverter/charger.


The ES52 module is epoxy sealed for protection. It is easily field configurable using on-board DIP switches and potentiometer adjustments. DynaGen covers this module with a five-year warranty.





  • - Epoxy sealed for protection against vibration, shock, and moisture
  • - Multi-Function Timer Output: Pre-heat, Slow, Airgate, & Choke.
  • - Warm-up Timer Output
  • - Detects lost speed signal.
  • - Zero speed restart prevents starter pinion wear
  • - DynaGen 5-Year Warranty.

Simple Installation and Servicing

  • Plug-in Terminals with no wire crimping required.
  • 20A Removable Relays and a fuse eliminate slave relays and external fusing in most installations (fuel/crank circuits are rated 20A combined)
  • Works with Mag Pickup, Alternator or Genset Output (300V max).
  • Field Settings with potentiometers and DIP switches.
  • Setup mode for quick calibration.

DynaGen ES52 Auto-Start Generator Controller


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