100% completely sealed waterproof on-board battery charger.


1-Bank 4 Amp On-Board Battery Charger


The GENM1 is an On-Board Battery Charger for charging and maintaining a single 12-volt Generator, Marine, Starter or Deep-Cycle battery. It's waterproof, shock and vibration resistant rugged design can be mounted directly onto a variety of applications, including a boat, trolling motor or generator, as well as, a full range of electric vehicles and industrial equipment. It monitors battery activity for safe, fast and efficient charging of Wet, Gel, AGM and Maintenance Free batteries without the worry of overcharging. And it's one of the most advanced charging systems designed for improved battery performance and longevity.


Designed to operate in extreme conditions with a waterproof, shock and vibration resistant rugged construction, as well as saltwater tested to combat corrosion.


Technical Specifications.


• GEN Mini 1 With Integrated Eyelets

• User Guide & Warranty Information

• Input Voltage AC | 70-130 VAC, 50-60Hz

• Battery Banks | 1 Bank

• Charging Amperage | 4 Amps (4 Amps Per Bank)

• Charging Voltage | 14.4 Volts

• Efficiency | ~90%

• Type of Batteries | (1) 12 Volt Lead-Acid Battery

• Battery Chemistries | Suitable for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, Calcium, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery or any Maintenance-Free Battery

• Battery Capacity | Ideal for Batteries up to 120 Amp-Hours. Suitable for Maintaining All Battery Sizes.

• DC Cord Length | 6.3 Feet

• AC Cord Length | 6.0 Feet

• Weight | 3.3 Pounds

Generator Battery Charger

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