Advanced Generator Monitoring & Control 


AURORA uses cellular-connected generator telemetry for complete monitoring and control.  When others lose power, they also lose internet connectivity.   They have no idea what happened other than the generator lost a connection.  With a cellular-connected generator monitoring system like AURORA uses, your generator stays online.   There is no loss of communication.    


Turning on and off your generator from remote is easy.   You can see where it is and what the conditions are.  You can monitor fuel consumption and more.   


Quick notifications by email or text always keep you informed with just the right amount of information you control. 


What can you do online? 


Access common generator parameters (read/write) like:
• Oil pressure

• Engine temperature

• Battery voltage

• Power output

• Engine run time and engine RPM.


Remote operation and control


• Remotely start and stop your generator in the field from any location.

• Remotely acknowledge generated alarms. 

• Reduce expensive on-site service visits.


Alarm management

• Receive alarm notification when the fuel level reaches a preset level or fuel theft attempts.


Generator fleet management

• Manage large-scale Genset rental fleets with inbuilt GPS functionality. 

• Track the current position of the generator in real-time.



Generator Remote Monitoring & Control

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