125 Watt Silicone Pad Heater


Thermostatically Protected! | CSA Approved 120 Volt / 125 Watt


This is one of the more popular silicone pad heaters used on diesel generators up to 25 kW in size.

Silicone Pad Heaters help keep your engine and oil warm so its ready to use. Instructions included. (Clean surface, peel, stick, and plug-in)




When it's cold outside, it can be hard to start an engine as the cold cylinder block and engine head absorbs the heat of compression, preventing ignition.  So, engines use glowplugs.   These are heating devices that aid in starting diesel engines.  They turn on before starting and can remain on for a while.    


Cold weather still stresses your engine. Typically, oil flows to the top of your engine within seconds.  When it is cold, oil gets thick, and it can take a minute or two instead. This results in increased friction and wear.   


A block heater helps heat the engine block, but it does not heat the oil sitting at the pan's bottom.   An oil pan heater does.   Heat rises, so it also helps to heat the rest of your engine.   AURORA uses oil pan heaters that are thermostatically controlled. They only turn on when needed and automatically turn off when a set temperature is reached. 


Oil Pan Heater

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