200-600 A | Three Phase | Vigilant Automatic Transfer Switches

  • 120/208 Volts Three Phase 
  • 277/480 Volts Three Phase


Features and Benefits


  • Galvanized Corrosion Protection – Standard on all Vigilant enclosures; this duplex coated, galvanized G90 grade steel meets American Society for testing and Materials (ASTM) standard A653, with a service life of more than twice that of regular steel.
  • Exterior Accessibility – The easy-to-use, 7-day exerciser clock gives full control over day and time. The exerciser clock and indicator lamps are both accessible from outside the transfer switch – no need to open the door.
  • Logic Control Board – Located in the center of every Vigilant automatic transfer switch. It provides transfer switch control function with simplicity, flexibility and durability. Features include:
    • Powered from genset battery for isolation against line transients
    • Integrated voltage and frequency sensing
    • Adjustable transfer delays using on-board potentiometers
  • 2-Year Warranty

Vigilant Automatic Transfer Switch | Three Phase


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