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8,000 Watt Diesel Generator Perkins 402D-05G Engine

25,000 Watt Diesel Generator

HOME Generator

Forget the power ever failed. This generator is rated at 24 kW and can be run full time when needed. It has enough power to supply most homes for all their needs and more.  

Starting From

$16,805.00 USD

$21,952.00 CAD

Sku: AGi25P

*Shown with optional canopy enclosure


• Canopy Enclosure

• 50 Gallon Sub-base Fuel TANK

• Remote Control

• Cold weather kit



This engine meets U.S. and Canada EPA Tier 4 emission standards. The 404 model is a compact four cylinder 2.2 litre diesel motor that runs at 1800 RPM. Just like all other Caterpillar/Perkins engines, it will run full or part-time for days or weeks at a time, only needing an oil change ever 500 hours of use.

Engine Specifications




44.7 HP | 32.6 kWm




4 Stroke


Turbo Diesel

Combustion System

Indirect injection


2.216 litres

Cooling System

Water Cooled

Coolant Capacity

9.3 litres | 2.4 US gal

Oil Capacity

10.6 litres | 2.8 US gal




ECP28-VL/4 Mecc Alte

For over 60 years Mecc Alte has been specializing in one thing only, producing the finest, highest quality, most reliable alternators. Mecc Alte is the largest independent producer of synchronous alternators. This generator uses the ECP-28 alternator that's brushless, and self-regulated by using a digital electronic regulator. Mecc Alte alternators produce consistent power under almost any operating condition.


DynaGen TG410 Auto Start Controller

DynaGen controllers make using your generator easy. Place it to Automatic or manually turn your generator on and off with the push of one button. The display provides easy to read generator instrumentation. An event log keeps track of operation and can be set to alert you when it is time to change the oil.


The DynaGen "tough" series controllers are intended to operate even in harsh conditions, without fail. Simple two wire start makes them compatible with any standard transfer switch or remote starting system.

DynaGen Genset controller model TG410


Steel Frame

Generators built on sturdy frames last longer. Our steel structures are powder coated to increase corrosion resistance and use vibration isolators to support the generator. By eliminating vibrations from being transferred to the ground, generators run quieter!

The frame is assembled using all stainless steel fasteners and also supports the battery tray and generator control panel.

Diesel Generator construction.  Base Frame


Our weather resistant canopy enclosure is designed to be compact, durable and aesthetically pleasing while maintaining proper ventilation and noise reduction. Constructed with all stainless steel fasteners and finished with a powder coated paint. The large, lockable and removable hinged panels allow for easy access.

Whole Home Diesel Generator

Fuel Tank

12-22 Gallon Fuel Tank

This generator comes with a standard 12 gallon fuel tank. Larger fuel tanks are available and maybe either poly or aluminum depending on customers needs and configuration.

Diesel Generator Fuel Tank