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10 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series | Aurora Generators

  • SKU # AGi9P-OEM
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  • $8,213.00

10 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series

Small, Simple, Clean and  Inexpensive

Model: AGi9P-OEM

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This generator uses a small three-cylinder, liquid radiator cooled Perkins engine.  It's a very popular size motor that can be found on job sites powering light towers, skid steers and on farms equipment such as water pumps and tractors.  In a generator application, it can run clean and quiet full or part time for thousands of hours.   Unlike many other engines, Perkins engines can run up to 500 hours between oil changes.  You essentially can run it for weeks without shutting it off if needed. 

Notice the advanced generator controller used on this generator? It is the DynaGen TG350.   No other controller on the market can compare in quality, durability, and in functionality.   It is easily field-programmable through the front panel or with free PC software.  You can customize it to turn on when batteries get low, or even control other devices.    Simple two-wire auto-start is a standard feature. 

AURORA includes a main circuit breaker, muffler, coolant expansion bottle and additional engine sensors you don't see used in other brands. 

The alternator is directly coupled to the engine. It is brushless so no maintenance is ever required. All our alternators/generators use class H insulation, have automatic voltage regulators and a five-year warranty.

AURORA Generators are built to UL and CSA Standards. Generators are all individually electrically inspected and approved.  We do not sell any generator without it being CSA approved to CSA and/or UL standards.  


Model: AGi9P-OEM
Standby Power Rating: 10,000 Watts
Prime Power Rating: 8,000 Watts
Voltage 120 Volts @ 80 Amps
240 Volts @ 40 Amps

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