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20 kW | 1 Phase | 120/240 Volt Commercial Diesel Generator

  • SKU # AGi21P
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  • $12,028.00

20 kW | 20 kVA Commercial Diesel Generator 120/240 Volt

Perkins Diesel Engine Powered 

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Aurora heavy duty commercial generators are unique in design and quality.  They are built to last longer and work harder.   One unique feature not found on others is the top central lifting point and bottom forklift channels.  To have both requires a heavier frame that in turn, lasts much longer.    The overall stronger design also makes it easier to customize the product for any particular customer need.  

Aurora Commercial / Industrial Generators can run full or part-time in just about any work site or harsh climate.  For extreme weather conditions, optional accessories such as snow hoods, space heaters, and air dampers can also be used.  

Standard Features

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