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Aurora simply makes generator ownership better!

We provide the best, most affordable and reliable generator monitoring, tracking and control system on the market. 

Low cost of ownership. FREE wireless data and web portal use for the first year when you buy this with your AURORA Generator. (normally $35.00 per month)   

Our sole aim is to bring generator owners peace of mind and greater control with a simple device that is inexpensive, easy to use and dependable. 

The AURORA T1 Remote Monitoring and Control Module

Reports the following CAN/J1939 data to the Remote Cloud Dashboard

  • Engine RPM / Generator Frequency
  • Generator Voltage and Power
  • Engine Temperature
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Fuel Level
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Fuel Consumption Rate
  • Tier 4: Regen status, DPF soot level
  • Total Fuel Consumed
  • Engine Hour Tracking
  • Auxiliary I/O from the Aurora / DynaGen Control Panel

Imagine being able to start/stop your generator by SMS or an internet connected device!

If you ever asked yourself the following, then the Aurora T1 Remote is right for you! 

  • Has the power failed?
  • Should anyone else be notified of the outage?
  • Is the generator running okay?
  • How much longer before you run out of fuel?
  • Has the power been restored? 
  • Did the generator turn off?
  • Does it require service or is it due for an oil change? 
  • Is the battery charged?
  • Where is your generator/trailer or other assets?
  • Who is using it, how is it being used?
  • Should someone be alerted that you need a fuel delivery? 


Real-time Remote Monitoring

  • Locate the equipment, diagnose the engine, and monitor the CANbus values via 3G cellular and/or satellite coverage. 

Route Simulation

  • Simulate your route, operation, engine, and location history.

Web & Mobile Applications

  • Access to your account from anywhere in the word at any time.

Remote Engine & Alternator Diagnostics

  • Monitor your generator health and usage remotely.

Configurable Warnings & Alerts

  • Setup configurable alerts to be sent by SMS or Email, and SMS.

Maintenance Reminder & Records

  • Set the reminders for equipment servicing and track maintenance records.

Building and Fire Code - Data Analytics & Reporting

  • National building code and fire code requires a log be kept for generators so that inspectors can see records are up to date and organized.  Data Analytics and Reporting helps keep you operating in compliance with regulations. 

Generator Remote Monitoring, Control and GPS Tracking

  • $999.00