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Simple Design | PERKINS Powered Diesel Generators

LOW-COST SOLUTION - Designed for the Off-Grid or DIY Customer.  

Build Your Own Generator, never sacrifice quality.


PERKINS Diesel Engine

Perkins Diesel Engine 402D-05G Engine

Compact, Clean, Efficient Power

Lower Operating Costs

Long-term Power Solution

 World-class Product Support

Engine Data 
Number Of Cylinders 2 In-Line
Bore and Displacement 67 x 72 mm (2.6 x 2.8 in)
Displacement 0.51 litres (31 cubic in)
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Cycle 4 Stroke
Combustion System Indirect Injection
Compression Ratio 23.5:1
Engine rotation Anti-Clockwise viewed from flywheel
Governing  All Speed Mechanical
Cooling System Liquid
Total Lubrication Capacity 2.01 litres (0.5 gals)
Total Coolant Capacity 1.1 litres (0.3 gals)
Dimensions 406mm x 371mm x 523mm
Dry Weight 57 kG (126 lbs)
8,000 Watt Perkins Engine Powered Generator


Base Model Includes

DynaGen AutoStart Controller Panel $950.00
Battery Cables  $38.00
Exhaust System - Muffler Tail Pipe and Welded Flange  $129.00
Steel Welded, Power Coated Structural Base Frame  $357.00 
Fuel Tank - 12 Gallon with Fuel Level Sensor and Mechanical Gauge $349.00


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