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20 kW Generator | Natural Gas | Propane | FORD

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20,000 Watt Generator | Natural Gas | Propane | Gasoline

Ford Industrial Engines - Built Tough!

General Specifications

Model Number AGi20F.1.240.O
Standby Power Rating 31,000 Watt Standby - Gasoline
29,000 Watt Standby - Natural Gas
34,000 Watt Standby - Propane LPG
Voltage 120 / 240 Volts AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Speed 1800 RPM
Sound Level 66 dB @ 23 Feet
Dimensions L x W x H 57" x 33" x 40"
Weight 1150 lb dry
Engine FORD MSG-425
Approvals CSA, EPA, CARB


If diesel-powered generators are not an option, AURORA recommends this FORD gas-powered engine-generator instead. FORD Industrial engines such as this MSG-425 model is used in a wide range of products and operating conditions. It is suitable for hot, humid climates to cold and higher altitudes where others struggle to perform. The use of an oxygen sensor to continually monitor fuel combustion lets the engine adjust the air and fuel mixture to maintain optimal performance under harsh conditions.

The MSG-425 FORD engine can be configured to use gasoline, natural gas or propane. Since it is radiator cooled and runs at 1800 rpm, it can run full or part-time as needed.

Welded channel steel frame supports the generator with vibration mounts. Mounted to it is the battery tray, control panel assembly and mains circuit breaker panel. The configuration is customizable to meet customers specific needs. The general specifications are shown below. Lead times may vary, contact AURORA for a detailed quote.

General Features

  • 2.5 Litre four-cylinder FORD industrial engine
  • Maintenance free, brushless alternator with automatic voltage regulation
  • 12 Volt 90 amp battery alternator, battery, tray, and cables
  • Complete generator monitoring and control panel
  • Automatic & manual starting (push button or two-wire remote)
  • Silenced muffler and exhaust system
  • Main circuit breaker panel
  • Ability to run full or part-time as needed
  • Easy maintenance, access and service points
  • Fully customizable


Make Ford
Model MSG-425
Type Gasoline | Natural Gas | Propane
Engine Harness, ECU and Bosch governor
Size / Displacement 153 cu in | 2.5 Liters
Fan Pusher
Bell Housing SAE 4
Flywheel #10
Number of cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke 3.5 x 3.9 inches 89 x 100 mm
Horse Power 41 HP @ 1800 rpm
Firing Order 1 - 3 - 4 - 2
Compression Ratio 9.7:1
Oil Pressure 29-39 psi @ 2500 rpm
2 to 2.7 bar
Oil Capacity 6.7 quarts | 6.4 liters
Oil Pressure Switch 7 to 9 psi
0.48 to 0.62 bar
Spark Plug Ignition Motorcraft AYFS-32Y-R
Spark Plug Gap 0.049 to 0.053 inches 1.25 to 1.35 mm
Engine Coolant 10 quarts 
9.5 liters
Engine Shut-down temperature 300°F 149°C
Engine Fault Code Temperature 280°F 138°C
Engine Starter Crank Speed 200 to 250 rpm
Starter Current Draw, no load 140 - 200 Amps
Starter Current Draw, maximum load 800 Amps
Alternator Output 95A, 13.8V DC
Battery Group 31, 12V DC
Cold cranking ampere @ 0°F 1000 Amps
Reserve capacity @ 25A rate 200 minutes
Control Engine Wiring Harness with ECU and Bosch Governor
Connector 5080030 42 pin connector
Harness F8JL14324AC 42 pin connector with wire leads
Engine Dimensions L x W x H 36.186 x 23.201 x 32.627"
Weight 351 Lbs
Fuel Consumption
Consumption at 1/2 load LP Gas: 1.9 gal/hr
Nat. Gas: 172 cu.ft/hr
Consumption at 3/4 load LP Gas: 2.9 gal/hr
Nat. Gas: 276 cu.ft/hr
Consumption at full load
LP Gas: 3.3 gal/hr
Nat. Gas: 307 cu.ft/hr


Aurora industrial class alternators are highly reliable and produce clean, stable power even in harsh conditions. Automatic Voltage Regulated to 0.5% precision. The alternator is brushless and requires no maintenance. The generator head is directly driven by a heavy engine flywheel. The large rotating mass helps to reduce fluctuations in power when heavy loads are applied.


Model NPE-32-E/4
SAE4 / SAE8 
Make Mecc Alte
Type Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulated
Voltage Regulation ±0.5%
Rated Output 240 Volt Single Phase 20,000 Watts
Insulation Class H
Warranty 3 Years


DynaGen Generator Controller TG350


  • Designed for Extreme Shock and Vibration
  • Easy to use front panel buttons
  • Manual or Automatic Starting
  • Exerciser Clock
  • Maintenance Counter
  • Passcode Protected
  • Automatic shutdowns and warnings
  • Pre-heat and post-heat timers
  • 150 Event Log
  • Fuel level display and alarm
  • Voltage display and alarm
  • Simple two-wire auto start - Easily connect to remote start using a transfer switch, off-grid power inverters, controllers or remote starters
  • Auto start on low battery and/or other sensors
  • Front panel trim feature for sensor adjustments
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Controller Manual

Installed & Monitored

  • Engine Temperature Switch
  • Engine Temperature Sending Unit
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Level Sensor
  • Voltage Output
  • Engine RPM
  • Alternator Frequency
  • Remote Start Signal

Signal Output

  • Alarm Signal
  • Engine Run Signal


  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Solar powered battery charger
  • AC powered battery charger
  • Transfer Switches 

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