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OEM | 8,000 Watt Diesel Generator | 1 Phase | 120 / 240 VOLT

  • SKU # AGi7P-OEM

8 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series

A popular choice for lower power, off-grid, residential and commercial applications.

  • Designed for full or part-time use
  • Smallest Perkins liquid cooled engine
  • Maintenance free, brushless automatic voltage regulated alternator
  • Advanced generator controller with manual, auto and two-wire start
  • Muffler
  • Mains Breaker
  • Includes vibration isolators
  • Perkins comprehensive warranty (parts, labour, travel time...) 
  • Often used in off-gird applications such as hunt camps and cottages to vehicles and industrial equipment
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This size generator is ideal for low power use on off-grid, commercial or residential applications. Perkins (a Caterpillar company) has been building high-speed diesel engines for over 80 years. They have been powering auxiliary power units on transport trucks, mobile refrigeration units, and small generators for a long time. Packaged and assembled by AURORA you can expect the same performance and long life you would expect with larger slower turning diesel-powered generators.

OEM Generators

OEM generators are designed to cost less without sacrificing quality.  AURORA still uses the same high quality hardware, wiring methods, sensors, vibration mounts and other supporting components.  They cost less because they do not include a fuel tank, battery, canopy enclosure or large base structural base frame for example.

These OEM generators are a popular choice for individuals or companies wishing to build their own system or use it in their own special applications.

General Specifications

Model AGi7P-OEM
Type Diesel
Power 8,000 Watt Standby Generator
60 Hz., 1800 RPM Liquid Cooled
Single Phase, 1.0 Power Factor
Automatic Voltage Regulated
120 Volt - 60 Amps
240 Volt - 30 Amps
Sound Level 70 dB @ 23 Feet
Dimensions L x W x H 40" x 27" x 31"
Weight 375 lb
Engine Made in the USA
Genset  Made in Canada
Approvals CSA SPE-1000 / EPA

Generator Controller - Features & Functions

For clear generator instrumentation, protection and control, this generator uses a DynaGen TG350 Controller.

DynaGen Generator Controller TG350

Main Features

  • Designed for Extreme Shock and Vibration
  • Easy to use front panel buttons
  • Manual or Automatic Starting
  • Exerciser Clock
  • Maintenance Counter
  • Passcode Protected
  • Automatic shutdowns and warnings
  • Pre-heat and post-heat timers
  • 150 Event Log
  • Fuel level display and alarm
  • Voltage display and alarm
  • Simple two-wire auto start - Easily connect to remote start using a transfer switch, off-grid power inverters, controllers or remote starters
  • Auto start on low battery and/or other sensors
  • Front panel trim feature for sensor adjustments
  • 5 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Load Monitoring (TG410 Model Only)

There are two versions of this controller. The TG350 is included. The TG410 is an optional upgrade. With the TG410, current sensors can be used to monitor generator loads / power consumption.  One other feature is the "Can Bus" port. Like a vehicles ODBII connector, it lets you communicate with the generator for remote monitoring and control.  You will need the TG410 if you wish to use this in the future. 

Monitoring Functions

Engine Temperature

Engines normally use an engine coolant temperature switch and oil pressure switch. They only turn on or off when there is a fault and do not let you read actual engine temperature. We feel it is important to know how hot the engine is running and detect an issue before it becomes necessary to shut down the engine. For this reason, we include an additional sensor to monitor the coolant temperature so that if it ever reaches a warning level it will notify you and log the condition. If a critical level is reached the generator controller will shut down the generator. For added protection the generator controller is additionally set to log four set points. High and Low warning levels and failure levels.

Radiator Coolant Level

Aurora Generators are equipped with this additional sensor in the radiator to eliminate low coolant level. It is engineered from high quality corrosion-resistant materials to accurately and reliably alert the generator controller to low coolant level and shut down the generator. Engine temperature sending units/sensors alone are supposed to detect overheating. However, if coolant level is low, temperature sending units/sensor's cannot measure the coolant temperature. When coolant level in an engine is low, the cooling system cannot adequately remove excess heat from the engine.

Oil Pressure

Oil pressure is an important factor in the longevity of an engine. Oil pressure ensures that the metal parts moving in the engine, never touch each other. An oil pressure switch is standard on every engine / generator. Should oil pressure ever be lost, the engine controller will shut down the motor.

For some installations, customers maybe required to keep track and log the actual oil pressure.  For this, another optional oil pressure sending until is available. Knowing the actual oil pressure will help you know if the engine has warmed up, oil is flowing as it should, filters are not plugged, oil is breaking down or engine wear is happening and service is required.  

Fuel Level

Aurora fuel tanks have a fuel level sensor installed. The controller can display a warning when fuel level is low. The generator can be set to shut down before its empty. Shutting down before it is empty helps prevent difficult starting caused by air that enters the fuel pump and fuel injectors.

Generator Output

The generator controller monitors the power generated by the alternator. From the output voltage it can determine the engine speed in rpm, alternator frequency and voltage output are correct.  If they start to fall outside of set normal ranges, it will warn you and log it for future reference. Any critical errors will cause the generator to safely shut down. 

Controller Specifications

Model TG350 Standard Generator Controller
TG410 Optional Upgrade
Operating Voltage 5.5 to 38 VDC continuous.
Cranking dropouts to 0VDC
for 50mS, also meets SAEJ1113-11
Standby Current Draw 50 MA
Protection Reverse battery & overload protected
Operating Temperature -40c - + 70c (-40 - +158F)
Vibration and Shock Meets or exceeds SAEJ1455
Electromagnetic Compatibility Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-461E Conducted Emissions
Configurable Switched Inputs 5
Configurable Switched Outputs 4
Warranty 5 Years

Perkins Engine

Perkins has been building high-speed diesel engines for more than 80 years. This 402D-05 model engine is the smallest radiator cooled diesel engine made while still offering the same exceptional performance and long life as the larger slower turning engines. Because of the small size, it makes it ideally suited for use in auxiliary power units and small generators. Some of the features include;

  • Glow plugs for cold weather starting
  • radiator cooled
  • Can be used full or part-time
  • Long service intervals - up to 500 hours between oil changes)
  • Same warranty as other larger low turning Perkins engines
Engine Specifications  
Make/Model Perkins 402D-05G
Glow Plugs Included
Engine Speed 3600
Number of Cylinders 2
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Combustion System Indirect Injection
Compression Ratio 23.5:1
Bore and Stroke 67mm X 72mm (2.6"x2.8")
Displacement 0.51 L (31in³)
Cooling System Water Cooled
Coolant Capacity 1.1 L (0.3 gal US)
Oil Capacity 2.0 L (0.5 gal US)
Oil and Filter Changes 500 Hours depending on load factor.
Starter 12 Volt
Alternator 14 Amp DC
Starter Battery 540 CCA
Perkins Engine Warranty 2 Year 3000 Hour - 5 Year Optional


Aurora industrial class alternators are highly reliable and produce clean, stable power even in harsh conditions. Automatic Voltage Regulated to 0.5% precision. The alternator is brushless and requires no maintenance. The generator head is directly driven by a heavy engine flywheel. The large rotating mass helps to reduce fluctuations in power when heavy loads are applied.

Model SMF162C
Type Brushless Automatic Voltage Regulated
Voltage Regulation ±1.0%
Rated Output 240 Volt Single Phase 12,500 Watts
Insulation Class H

5 Years

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