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8 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series by AURORA Generators

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8 kW Diesel Generator | Affordable OEM Series

Small and Simple Diesel Generator

  • Unique Two-Cylinder High-Speed Engine - Unlike other high-speed engines, this radiator cooled Perkins engine lasts just as long and has the same warranty as the larger Perkins 400 series engines.
  • Smallest Engine Available
  • High Output Power
  • Can be used full or part time
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You will find this little two cylinder, liquid cooled Perkins and Caterpillar engine on many transport trucks.  It is often used for auxiliary power generation.  Refrigeration units on shipping containers also use them.  They are a robust engine designed to work hard for thousand of hours. They often outlast much larger slow turning diesel engines.  In fact, they carry the same warranty and  500 hour oil change Interval.   It does not matter if you use it full-time or part-time or what your application is. Includes many of our standard equipped features and components such as Dynagen TG350 generator controller, main circuit breaker, muffler and coolant expansion bottle.

We have seen a few others offer products using the same engine but, nobody else does so without using belts or gears.  The alternator we use on this unit is direct flywheel driven just like on much larger generators.  Same high-quality power generation without requiring any maintenance. 

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