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8 kW Generator Alternator 3600 RPM 120/240 Volts MODEL SMF162C  SAE 5 SAE 6.5

8 kW Generator Alternator 3600 RPM 120/240 Volts MODEL SMF162C SAE 5 SAE 6.5

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CSA Approved 8 kW Generator Alternator Single Phase, 3600 RPM | 120/240 VoltFits select Kubota,

Fits select Kubota, Perkins and Caterpillar engines 402D-05G | C05 | Z482-E4B | Z602-E4B | Z602-E4B | D722-E4B | D902-E4B | D902-E4B with SAE 5 / SAE 6.5 Bell Housing and flex plate.

Sinocox designs manufacture and markets the alternators which comply with national and international standards. The alternator can be broadly used in the all‐purposed application, such as backup, rental, telecom and marine, and also can be used in a particular working condition, such as oil field and altitude area.

Compliant with Standards:IEC 60034,NEMA MG1-32, ISO 8528,  CSA C22.2-100,,VDE 0530,GB755

Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)

Sinocox designs and develops the AVR which has a comprehensive function of voltage regulation and ensure the regulation precision within 1%

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation(VPI)

The company  uses the  advanced  impregnation  equipment to  ensure the  electrical  insulation and  mechanical strength. Vanish impregnates the every field of the product effectively under the vacuum environment so as to make the possibility of the best‐quality of insulation performance. Sequentially, the machine can be running surrounded by a harsh environment.

2/3 Winding Pitch

2/3  winding pitch  effectively  eliminates the  effect of  the third  harmonics;  thereby the  alternator is  well‐protected against overheating and well‐operated under paralleling use.


Optimizing the design of laminations, and the cooling system is greatly improved so that the temp rise is well‐controlled in the reasonable level, the varied loss is eliminated. As a result, the high efficiency of the alternator has been achieved, and more KVA with the same engine will be contributed.

Product Mechanical Features

  • Plug and Play - Assembly  dimension  is  suitable  to  both  famous  international  alternator  brands,  customer  is  able  to  install Sinocox alternators directly without changing the design of the base and canopy.
  • Metal Terminal Box - Through  the  reconnection  of  12  leads,  the  output  voltage  can  be  changed  to  adapt  the  varied  requirement of nations and areas.
  • Protection - Standard protection is IP23, and optional protection IP44 is also available. The winding is protected against humidity during manufacturing. We also provide the special‐treated and anti‐harsh winding. Space heater is optional as well.
  • Balancing and Bearing - All alternators are balanced under ISO8528 and BS5000 regulation. Greased for life bearing


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