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Post 9/11 warnings of a terror attack on the power grid seemed to come to fruition in 2003. That was when some 50 million people were affected by what turned out to be the second most widespread blackout in history.  It was a wake up call for many of us.

A group of us decided it was time to buy some generators.  Honda was a common name we were all familiar with but, they were too expensive. We found  a similar generator made in China. It cost less than the Honda.  We received two of them for evaluation and to demonstrate to others. The response was positive.

Collectively the group of us with backgrounds in electrical trades, marketing and customer service, became the largest online distributor of these generators in North America. Unfortunately, like many products, the manufacturer started to trade quality for cost savings.  We were not happy with the direction this product was taking us.  We had to find another niche.

That niche was diesel generators.  Diesel engines have a much higher compression ratio than gasoline engines. Because of this, the strength of parts used is much higher. Since they can last more than twice as long, diesel was far more appealing to us. The trouble was, and the advantage today is, the markets  flooded with low quality made in China generators. So many other brands are all virtually the same product with just another name on it.

For Aurora  diesel generators to be unique, we designed them differently. We also used higher-quality  materials and performed our own quality control. We also added features not found on other products.  More importantly, we would prove to consumers that we have a better product. This is how we did it.

Aurora portable generators were submitted to nationally recognized testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association and ETL. The  generators passed rigorous testing for quality, durability and electrical safety codes. The entire unit is now certified, not just a few components.  No other company can match this level of certification. Consumers now have the assurance they are buying a superior product.    Even the standby diesel generators are built to much higher standards. They are undergoing rigorous testing and field inspections as well.

Aurora Generators also take pride in customer service.  We provide instructional videos, offer live technical support, customer discussion forums, easy access to generator parts, manuals and information. Customers can see great detail in the comprehensive product images used. Customers can also visit consumer report sites and read reviews since we are constantly being rated and reviewed by others.  Aurora Generators, Inc. is also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

The  work towards excellence has helped make Aurora Generators a leading company in  the generator industry.  Today you can find our generators used for homes, in construction, off grid applications and in military operations.  

Aurora Generators can ship from both Canada and the United States, reaching customers around the world.

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