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Most popular portable diesel generator since 2005

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Aurora Diesel Generators are designed for Home, Commerical, Off-Grid and Industrial Use. 

Aurora Generators Inc.

Diesel Generator Manufacturing & Distribution

Welcome to Aurora Generators.  Aurora has been designing, building and distributing high quality diesel generators since 2005.  Customers around the world depend on our generators to keep for their business running, provide power during times of emergency and to power their off-grid homes. 

Our focus is on higher quality products. We don't build cheap and we don't sell for the lowest price.  We build stronger generators so they last longer.

When considering purchasing a diesel generator for your home, business or off-grid application, talk to us!  You can speak to one of our experts in power generation. We have electricians, mechanical engineers, diesel mechanics and customer service representative.   

NEW Super Small Standby Generator

8 kW Liquid Cooled Perkins Powered

NEW 5 Year Warranty

Loaded with the same features as our larger standby diesel generators.

 Small Diesel Generator by AURORA™ Generators


Looking for the smallest liquid cooled diesel generator on the market? You've found it!

The two cylinder engine manufactured by Perkins for Aurora Generators will outlast others twice its size and cost.  You can run it full time for 20 days before it needs an oil change.  All other brands can't make it past 100 hours without service.

This is not an air cooled generator. The Perkins 402D-05 engine is radiator cooled. The cost of producing power is less than any other diesel, gas, or propane powered generator.  The engine life and fuel savings make this generator a great choice for off-grid and prime power applications.

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Diesel Generators

Life without power

Imagine life without power. How would your life change and what would your family miss? Aurora Standby Home Generators provide clean, quiet, reliable power at a moments notice.

It is not difficult these days to imagine life without power. More frequently and with geographic indifference, we find ourselves faced with this often tragic circumstance. Power outages are not only inconvenient, but also pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your family and loved ones.

Aurora Standby Home Generators provide clean, quiet, reliable power quickly and immediately on demand, affording comfort, security and peace of mind. Our generators are programmed to restore power immediately and automatically in the event of an outage, without requiring any “turning on,” “powering up” or other intervention. They automatically switch back to your main power source once normal service is restored. Even when you are not at home, Aurora generators stand guard protecting your family, pets, property and personal belongings.

More Power AND Lower Cost

Aurora generators are “green,” running on clean, efficient, automotive diesel fuel. As a result, they have a usable life of up to 20 times greater than that of competitor brands using gasoline, natural gas or liquid propane, and use less than half the fuel of gas alternatives. Aurora generators are built to fully power your lights, hot water, household appliances, heating/air conditioning and sensitive electronics without interruption. State of the art, whisper-quiet diesel engines make our generator technology the number one choice worldwide for an independent power generation. Units are virtually maintenance free. Voltage regulation is entirely automatic. Less moving parts results in a longer unit lifespan and less user maintenance.

Controlling the Fuel = Controlling the Power

In the event of an emergency, it is not unusual for power companies to cut the flow of natural gas to your home as they work to restore compromised systems. Additionally, logistics may make it impossible for your propane company to get to you in time -- before you run out of gas. Long lines and overwhelming demand make obtaining gasoline difficult, if not impossible.

Diesel fuel is the only fuel that is completely safe, stable and storable. You can keep enough supply on hand to run your Aurora unit for up to a month without having to obtain additional fuel. Diesel fuel can be stored on your property without a safety concern for up to 2 years. Conversely, gasoline goes bad after 30 days, and natural gas and liquid propane are highly flammable posing a serious danger to you and your family. Aurora is not just the BEST option, but also the ONLY option, for being fully prepared and protected in the event of a power failure.

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Remote Generator Monitoring

Monitor and Control your Aurora Generator from remote with the Netbiter EC350

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