Diesel Generators by Aurora

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Help Picking The Right Size Generator

How much power do you need?

Many customers tell us that, during a power outage, they do not need to use all their heavy appliances at the same. With a little bit of energy conservation, a 10,000 watt size generator can power anything in their home.  Others still need to cook, use the dryer and possibly run the whole home air conditioner at the same time.  For these power hungry customers, we have larger 16,000 - 20,000 watt diesel generators. For those who do not even want to get up and turn on the generator, models with  built in Automatic Transfer Switches are available.

All our whole home generators are rated for a minimum 10,000 hour service life. For most customers, that is a lifetime.  Others who use generators daily as their primary source of power pick the Perkins engines for an even longer service life.  Perkins is the best that money can buy. Perkins has their own warranty on engines and we warranty everything else.  

If you are not sure how much power you need, it is best to call an electrician to visit your home. We can also help and are just a phone call away. 

Custom built Diesel Generators.

Aurora can build generators to order.  Customers can pick from a variety of engine manufactures, fuel tank sizes, generator heads and automatic transfer switches.  Lead time for custom built generators can be as high at 90 days but often only takes 45 days to manufacture. All other generators are normal stock items.