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Bare Bones Diesel Generators

Designed for the DIY, OEM and Off-Grid

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Aurora Generators is proud to introduce the "Bare Bones Diesel Generator," a compact and efficient power solution for equipment manufacturers, off-grid users, and homeowners. While stripped down in appearance, this generator boasts the same features as our other models, including an advanced auto-start generator controller for instrumentation protection and control, as well as a durable Perkins Diesel Engine. The "Bare Bones Generator" stands out with its lack of a weather canopy enclosure and a larger frame, making it ideal for those needing a reliable power source without the added bulk.

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Main Features

  • Single or Three Phase Power

  • Perkins & Yanmar Diesel Engines

  • Automatic Voltage Regulated Alternator

  • Auto-start generator controller

  • Main Circuit Breaker

  • Muffler

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Battery Cables

  • Glow-Plugs

  • Programmable Exercise 

  • Compatible with two-wire start

Perkins Diesel Generator from Aurora Generators

Instrumentation & Control

Designed to operate even in harsh conditions
  • Provides complete generator instrumentation and control

  • Programmable safety warning and shut-down levels

  • Compatible with all two-wire auto-start systems

  • Displays and monitors engine run time, speed, frequency, power, battery, temperature and more.

  • Built-in exercise clock and auto-start for low battery protection

  • Field reprogrammable through easy to follow menu.

  • Event history log