Designed for the DIY, OEM and Off-Grid

4 kW, 10 kW, 13 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW

Bare Bones generators save you money since they only include what is necessary and leave the optional or add-on's for the end-user to do on their own. For example, you hook it up to your fuel tank, battery, and electrical panel on your own. The generator still comes with an auto-start controller, main circuit breaker, and muffler. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or equipment manufacture, bare-bones generators will save you money. 

Main Features

  • Single or Three Phase Power

  • Perkins Diesel Engine

  • Automatic Voltage Regulated Alternator

  • Auto-start generator controller

  • Main Circuit Breaker

  • Muffler

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Battery Cables

  • Glow-Plugs

Instrumentation & Control

Designed to operate even in harsh conditions
  • Provides complete generator instrumentation and control

  • Programmable safety warning and shut-down levels

  • Compatible with all two-wire auto-start systems

  • Displays and monitors engine run time, speed, frequency, power, battery, temperature and more.

  • Built-in exercise clock and auto-start for low battery protection

  • Field reprogrammable through easy to follow menu.

  • Event history log

Control Panel

Main Features
  • DynaGen Generator Controller

  • Main AC Circuit Breaker

  • DC Circuit Breaker

  • Power Switch - Key 

  • Glow Plug Solenoid

  • ATS and Two-Wire Start Terminals

  • Alarm Signal Out

  • Generator Run Signal

Alternator - Generator 

Brushless with AVR

Heavy Duty alternator made in Italy and designed for lifetime maintenance free operation. 

Automatic Voltage Regulated for clean safe power for all your sensitive electronics.

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