Generators for

Off-Grid & Solar Homes

Easily integrate with existing inverter and battery storage systems.

Off-grid generators from AURORA are quieter,  use less fuel, and

are guaranteed to outlast and outperform all others.  

When you’re “off-grid” your comfort and safety depends on having an uninterrupted power source

Whether you’re looking for reliable automatic backup power or searching for a practical, cost-effective way to charge your batteries, our small off-grid diesel generator is the answer.


Our new compact diesel engines last 20x longer than a gas or propane generator and NOTHING beats the cost-efficiency offered by diesel.


And here’s the icing on the cake: Our diesel engine is covered by warranty even if it’s used for off-grid and for full-time power. Other generators are only covered for emergency standby use.

Just take a look at what you get:

Long Runtime Diesel powered engines can work hard 24/7 for extended periods - up to 3 weeks if necessary - and still outlast any other type of engine for a fraction of the operating costs.


Intelligent Monitoring Our off-grid generators have the ability to detect a wide range of operating conditions, look for abnormalities, warn and shutdown if necessary before irreversible damage can occur. Most small generators are designed for short term power use. They lack the essential features and control systems necessary for automatic starting, monitoring, protecting and control.


Reliability There’s a reason the farming, transportation and construction industries have been leveraging the benefits offered by diesel generators for years. And they out live all traditional gas generators by a 20:1 margin.


Clean and Safe Diesel fuel is a cleaner fuel that can be safely stored for long periods of time.


Low Maintenance With a diesel-powered generator you only need to change the oil and filter every 500 hours instead of every 100 hours for a non-diesel generator.


Cost Effective Diesel fuel is the least expensive to run with natural gas and propane costing much more.


Customization Need something special? Many others do, that's why we can customize any of our generators to better fit your needs. Tell us what you want or don't want. We can save you money and make sure that you are completely satisfied, we guarantee it.


Flexible Warranty Diesel powered generators seldom have any restrictions on use and can be used non-stop if needed. The warranty for natural gas, propane and gasoline powered generators usually only covers emergency standby use.

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